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AFTR PRTY Staff NBA Postseason Predictions

The NBA regular season restart wrapped up last week with the Portland Trailblazers winning an exciting play-in game vs. the previous 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday. As the NBA postseason begins today, there is no telling what to expect from the bubble. Teams have been shooting lights out in the new fanless, AAU-atmosphere of the bubble and as we have seen with surprise teams such as the Blazers, the Pheonix Suns (RIP🙏🏾), and Indiana Pacers, just about anyone can get hot on any given night. This is a big reason why the postseason should not be overlooked and written off as "an asterisk" in October when an NBA champion is announced. Every game, players have proven that they are going to be playing like it is their last and putting it all out on the floor for us fans to enjoy.

The NBA recently released awards for the seeding games including Damian Lillard being the unanimous NBA Bubble MVP and Michael Porter Jr., Devin Booker, and T.J. Warren receiving less likely predicted First and Second Team selections for the 8-game season, our power rankings from before the restart have definitely shifted. Here's an inside look of what the AFTR PRTY Sports team expects the rest of the NBA playoffs and 2020 regular season awards to happen in the next coming weeks:

MVP? Finalists: (Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks; James Harden, Houston Rockets; LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers)

Tye Town- Giannis Antetokounmpo

BTB- Damian Lillard, "They should've included the bubble in MVP and if they did I’d pick Dame ten out of ten times"

Jack Emilius- Giannis

Charlie Benjamin- Giannis

Kobe Dellers- Giannis

Jalen Carr- Giannis

Most Improved Player?

Tye Town- Brandon Ingram

BTB- Pascal Siakam

Jack Emilius- Bam Adebayo

Charlie Benjamin- Brandon Ingram

Kobe Dellers- Bam Adebayo

Jalen Carr- Bam Adebayo


Tye Town- Giannis

BTB- Bam Adebayo

Jack Emilius- Anthony Davis

Charlie Benjamin- Giannis

Kobe Dellers- Giannis

Jalen Carr- Anthony Davis

Eastern Conference Finals Matchup

Tye Town- Bucks vs Raptors

BTB- Celtics vs Heat

Jack Emilius- Bucks vs Celtics

Charlie Benjamin- Bucks vs Raptors

Kobe Dellers- Bucks vs Celtics

Jalen Carr- Bucks vs Celtics

Western Conference Finals Matchup

Tye Town- Lakers vs Clippers

BTB- Lakers v. Clips

Jack Emilius- Mavs vs Lakers

Charlie Benjamin- Lakers vs Clips

Kobe Dellers-Lakers vs Clips

Jalen Carr- Blazers vs Clippers

Player That I'm Most Excited to Watch

Tye Town- Damian Lillard

BTB- Luka Doncic

Jack Emilius- Jayson Tatum

Charlie Benjamin- Giannis

Kobe Dellers- LUKA

Jalen Carr- DAME TIME😎

Upset in the 1st Round

Tye Town- "They're not going to actually win but Portland😅"

BTB- 5-Heat over 4-Pacers

Jack Emilius- 7-Mavs over 2-Clippers

Charlie Benjamin- 5-Thunder over 4-Houston

Kobe Dellers- 5-Heat over 4-Pacers

Jalen Carr- 8-Portland over 1-Lakers

2020 NBA Champion👑

Tye Town- Lakers

BTB- Clips

Jack Emilius- Bucks

Charlie Benjamin- Raptors

Kobe Dellers- Clips

Jalen Carr- Clippers

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