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An Introduction to Lucki | Dimes

At only 23, those who listen to Lucki (Formerly Lucki Eck$, Lucki X) know he's hundreds of years older and wiser when it comes to his music. At the age of 16 the West Side Chicago native, LC Lucki Camel Jr. dropped out of high school and fully committed to pursuing music as his full time hustle. His first single, "Untouchable Lucki" was released in video form by music blog ELEVATOR and shortly after he released Alternative Trap in 2014, cementing his status as an underground king.

Lucki's first project was so ground-breaking because he premiered a new stylistic wave of "trap" music in an era of Chicago music that was dominated by Chicago drill. Over time, this new genre of rap music from Chitown evolved with artists like G Herbo, (previously Lil Herb), Lil Bibby, Lil Durk, Chance the Rapper and the drill messiah himself Chief Keef, who were gaining more popularity and changing their flows. As a result, Lucki was able to gain fans from his distinct lackadaisical flow that he effortlessly uses to bounce on any beat (see frequent producers Plu20 Nash, CHASETHEMONEY, Wiardon). Here are 10 songs that will introduce and get you familiar with sound of artist Lucki.

.("Song", Album).

1. "4 The Betta", DAYS B4 III

2. "Root of All", DAYS B4 II EP

3. "4Everybody", Video Directed by Lonewolf

Lucki has collaborated with Indiana-native director and videographer Lonewolf on multiple projects. Lonewolf is credited for his insane methods of collage, stop motion, and stitching blends that have become digital signatures in his music videos.

He holds it down for many Chicago and Midwest rappers and bolsters an impressove portfolio working with artists: Future, Yung Bans, A$AP TWELVY, Nyck Caution, Tay-K, Sahbabii,, Lil Tracy, and many more.

4. "Poker Face", Watch My Back

5. "More Than Ever", Freewave 3

6. "All In" (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt), Freewave 3

7. "3D Outro", Freewave 3

8. "Finesse", BODY HIGH (released under Lucki Eck$)

9. "Stevie Wonder", (Feat. Chance the Rapper) Prod. by Young Chop, X (released under Lucki X)

10. "Live at the Roxy" by Plu20 Nash (Feat. Drego & Lucki)

Lucki had a big 2019 releasing his debut studio album Freewave 3 in February followed by Days B4 II in October. Freewave 3 is Lucki's most mature album to date, and top to bottom paint the real-life battles that Lucki has experienced in his career and discovering his sound. Lucki himself said that he started recording the album when he was in a relationship and it got mastered when he was broken up, giving room for a myriad of emotions that he addresses when talking about depression, love, addiction, and bearing the well-deserved fruits of his labor.

Notable Freewave 3 Lyrics:

"Can’t wait to go back home, uh,

sick of bein’ ‘round out-of-towners, uh

Still mix flats with the downers, uh,

sneaky hoes can’t come around us, uh

I been gettin’ high all along, ayy,

Perc 30 straight to my bones, ayy" ("Glory Boy")

"I had kicked the cup, but that’s a phase, ayy

I know where my heart at anyway, yo, uh, ayy

Heard too many lies in a day, ayy

I snuck half a 30 on a stage" ("3D Outro")

Havin' fun with this shit, off three

thirties, I'm a demon, I can't see my

Mom off this bitch

Keep callin' this bitch, I already know

it's over, my ego keep callin' this bitch"

("All In")

Lucki recently put out the single "Faith" at the end of April 2020, one of the biggest singles off his most recent project Almost There (released May 29, 2020; seriously this man must sleep in the studio). Although Lucki had hinted at releasing a tape this year, this release came as a pleasant surprise to many. Even amidst quarantine lockdowns, racial inequality, and overall fuckery Lucki glides on the Young Icey beat boasting how life is good and Lucki only expects it to get better. 2019 saw Lucki make a bigger name for himself and he's created a growing fan-base that recognize his dope, give-no-fucks aura that makes his music authentic. Given this mans work ethic I'm excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for Lucki.

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