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An Introduction to $NOT | Dimes

$NOT is an underground artist from Florida with a cult-like fan base, whose songs casually hit millions of views with little to no promotion. $NOT came onto the scene in 2016 uploading most of his music to Soundcloud, known for his signature style of rapping over dark melodic beats in his tightly drawn hoodie. He also has a vast discography of official and leaked music posted all over Soundcloud on his main page and $not Archives.

As mysterious as he may be, $NOT is one of the most personable rappers out there. It’s common for him to go live on Instagram and talk to fans or respond in the comment section of a meme.

$NOT's most recent album Beautiful Havoc released on October 30th, 2020 with features from big artists like Flo Mill, Denzel Curry, and iann dior. Even after gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, $NOT’s sound is still a wave of its own. Here's an introduction to the artist $NOT:

"Song", Album

1. "Moon & Stars (ft. Maggie Lindemann", - TRAGEDY + (2020)

"Moon & Stars (ft. Maggie Lindemann)" and produced by Yung Castor is one of $NOT's most popular and highly anticipated tracks. First previewed early in 2019, fans immediately knew the love ballad would be an instant classic. "Moon & Stars" released January 31, 2020, on his debut mixtape, - TRAGEDY +, with a fitting feature from Maggie Lindemann.

2. "Can You Help Me?", (2020)

Produced by frequent $NOT collaborator Marvy Ayy and released on June 3, 2020, on "Can You Help Me?" $NOT provides his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and stands in solidarity with George Floyd. On this track, $NOT proves he has genuine ideas about the world and politics and he’s a voice to be taken seriously.

3. "Mean ft Flo Milli", Beautiful Havoc (2020)

“Mean” is the second single to be released from $NOT’s upcoming album, Beautiful Havoc. The song debuted along with a Cole Bennett-directed music video, marking $NOT’s second collaboration with Cole Bennett. $NOT originally previewed the track in September 2020 via Twitter, it later released October 16, 2020, with a killer feature from Flo Milli. "Mean" is a single included in $NOT’s upcoming album Beautiful Havoc.

4. "Gosha", - TRAGEDY + (2020) [originally released in 2018]

"Gosha" is Produced by YZ 虎 who’s been working with $NOT since THE TI$$UE FILES, an EP $NOT posted in 2018. "Gosha" is a speaker-knocking track with $NOT flowing effortlessly over a hard-hitting beat. "Gosha" is also $not’s most-streamed song with 23.1 million plays on SoundCloud.

5. "32 (ft. Belis)", $NOT Archives (2019)

Another track produced by Marvy Ayy, "32" is a grail amongst $NOT fans. Originally uploaded on July 4, 2019, but was deleted shortly after because he didn’t like his verse. Fans saved the track of course and he re-uploaded it a couple of months later. Over a hypnotic bass-hitting beat $NOT delivers bars "coming in with his blade" and shares the space with Belis who brings a verse and outro about her money compiling that makes the song hers. Whether it’s "Moon & Stars", "Mean", or "32" $NOT always has good chemistry with female artists.

(Image via ELEVATOR)

6. "Motorola", (2018)

"Motorola", a 2018 era track prod. by Kyle Junior was released on November 16th. Despite being two years old, "Motorola" still sits high in $NOT’s charts with 1.26 million plays on SoundCloud. With bars like “fly to the sky, stretch wings like a bird, Head to the moon, land safe on the dirt” and $NOT flowing over a fast-paced beat, "Motorola" is a classic.

7. "Stamina", (2017)

"Stamina" is produced by Robb2B and samples "Wet Hands" by C418, aka the same iconic song in the popular game Minecraft. Released on April 15, 2017, "Stamina" is one of $NOT's earlier tracks and one of his most unique. "Stamina" serves as a song that shows $NOT can get creative and have fun over a Minecraft-sample beat while keeping the bars ferocious and entertaining.

8. "Champion", (2018)

Produced by Zach808 & WaveGod and released on July 4, 2017, "Champion" is a melodic symphony of $NOT floating on and off an angelic beat. "Champion" is a legendary track in $NOT’s discography and has an equally great music video shot & edited by MANNY SÁNCHEZ.

9. "Davanti", (2020)

Produced by Eem Triplin, "Davanti" dropped on February 22, 2020. Starting off with a quick beat switch "Davanti" immediately becomes a bop that has you dancing over the chill, vibey beat. $NOT referred to "Davanti" as one of his most slept on songs on a recent Instagram live stream and I must agree.

10. "Stranded", - TRAGEDY + (2020)

Another track prod. by Eem Triplin and released on January 2, 2020, "Stranded" is the last track on $NOT’s debut tape, -Tragedy+. On "Stranded" $NOT gets introspective about how he’s been all alone his whole life over a head-bopping track.

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