Artist Spotlight: ORIEL

With over 8,000 pieces sold over the past 3 years,

Oriel has perfected the street art hustle.

In addition, his work has been featured in galleries and purchased by celebrities and art collectors, often dubbing him “a modern-day Basquiat”. Still, Oriel can be found almost every day in Washington Square Park connecting directly with people and building a culture around accessible art, education, and free thought. Now, you’ll have the chance to visit him and see new original pieces at his private studio gallery pop-ups.

Oriel Ceballos is an Ivy League graduate and former professor and student of Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion. As a self-taught artist, he brings that knowledge to a wilder audience through his colorful, sometimes childlike, freehand paintings. Over the past years, he’s been breaking down the stereotypical idea of the “starving artist” while also elevating the image of street art by bringing his powerful philosophical artwork to the streets, subways, and parks in Manhattan.

In Washington Square Park, Oriel sets up his own gallery of work, allowing everyone the equal opportunity to engage with both the art and the artist, as he talks with viewers directly about each piece, sharing stories, and ideas. While galleries and other institutions can create a barrier for entry, the park gives accessible space for everyone to showcase their work and promote themselves directly with the people.

Oriel has created a free-flowing culture centered around his work, where people can come together in a positive vibe. Whether just passing through or spending a few hours to chill you are sure to find something that catches your eye. Every day in the park, Oriel brings original 1of1 prints, meaning no two pieces are exactly the same; if you collect a print you will be the only one to own that version of that piece. There are original prints at various price ranges so that everyone can become an art collector.

“I would rather people collect a piece directly from me than from the website because then they get to talk to me, learn about the message behind art, and get it signed.

Plus get a better deal.”

From digital to watercolor, to oil paintings, photo-paper or canvas each 1of1 print will be signed with a personal message, date, and time from Oriel to not only commemorate the experience but up the value. And with work constantly in rotation, if you find a print you like, it’s best to get it then, since it might not be there tomorrow. Not only that but, Oriel is creating new series all the time, constantly remixing old work, adopting new styles as he is consistently inspired by life experiences as a community leader, husband, and father to two young daughters.

Oriel is now beginning to channel that growing community and culture to his studio gallery.

These pop-up private studio gallery events will give visitors the opportunity to see original exclusive pieces. You can spend time to chill, get to know and speak with him and other artists in his network, including photographers, writers, and filmmakers. Ticketed events include food, drinks, live music, and a private rooftop to enjoy the night.

“The streets have become

a catalyst for the art”

“People come meet me here in

Washington Square Park, then can see me work, and can see even more original

and larger pieces at the studio.”

The goal is to bring the energy of the streets to the gallery by creating an intimate creative community space to engage and build a relationship with new ideas, connections, and art.

Follow Oriel at @or1el for more great pieces and DM him for additional information on upcoming private studio gallery pop-up shows.

COVID-19 NOTES: All pop-ups are limited capacity ticketed events. Masks, hand sanitation, and health checks are required upon arrival.

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