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Benefits of a Clean Home

The phenomenon that is Marie Kondo has inspired people to find joy in de-cluttering their homes. She has shown how important a tidy house or flat can translate into having a more organised and happier life overall. We are spending more time at home now more than ever, so what better time to ensure we can fully utilize and enjoy our living space? A clean, clutter free home has numerous mental health benefits including:

Positive Effects on Mood

Having a clean home can help refresh your mind and can even help people with depression and disrupt their depressive habits. The change of scenery and clutter free space has a positive impact on our mind-sets. A quote as old as time is "A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind," so by eliminating the clutter in one's home you have more time to focus on other things such as your mental health.

Gain Pride and Satisfaction

Seeing your home in its best state can motivate you to maintain the lack of clutter and after a cleaning session, you will feel satisfied with the results of your hard work, and feel productive. It will also mean you won’t have to do a rush job if unexpected guests arrive and you’ll feel satisfied in having kept it clean beforehand.

Foster Better Relationships

The amount of arguments caused by those misplaced keys or toy will disappear. Everyone is forgetful and loses things, but mix that in with a messy home and that is sure to start an argument in any household. A clean house is also more inviting so you may find yourself inviting friends and family over more, avoiding the embarrassment of loved ones seeing your 4-day old take out boxes scattered on the coffee table.

Reduce Your Anxiety and Sleep Better

If sleeping in fresh clean sheets at the end of the day feels amazingly cozy, imagine what it feels like coming back to a tidy house at the end of the day. Studies have found the overall reported sense of well-being is higher when you have a tidier house and this subsequently leads to better sleep.

Feel Good Endorphins From Exercise

We all have to move to do our housework until we get robots suitable enough to cater to our every whim. Re-arranging furniture can be great exercise that you would never expect, but anyone who has ever moved knows that home makeovers will without a doubt eave you in a sweat. You don’t need to feel guilty about not using that gym membership if you’ve run that hoover from top to bottom and weeded your garden.

Boost Productivity

By living in a clutter free, clean space, you are less likely to be distracted by any clutter and you can focus your energies better on other tasks. By establishing a regular cleaning routine and maintaining it, you won’t find yourself needlessly cleaning the living room at odd hours as it is more likely to be in the optimal conditions to allow you to enjoy other activities in life.

If the thought of transforming your home feels overwhelming, remember everything starts with that first step, and you can even ask for help by either getting a professional deep clean or a buddy to help you tidy up on a Saturday morning. Once you have that clean home though, the effects on your everyday life are tangible.

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Jalen Carr
Jalen Carr
Jul 08, 2020

Just had to Amazon Prime a Swiffer after reading this 😂

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