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Dr. Strainlove: The Benefits Of CBD

Disclaimer: *All research and consumption for scientific purposes only*👨‍🔬

Cannabidiol (CBD) , extracted from the cannabis plant, is currently being used throughout the world to treat numerous ailments from epilepsy to anxiety to even alleviating cancer symptoms. It is not a psychoactive substance and is completely natural. Its effects work by binding to the cannabinoid receptors already present in your body.

Many people may think CBD gives you the ‘high’ associated with smoking marijuana, but this is an effect gained from the THC (tetrahydro cannabidiol). CBD does not include any THC as the two are separated when the CBD is extracted. Off the counter, topical products containing CBD offer numerous benefits including the following.


Due to the calming effects of CBD, it relaxes the body when applied topically. It modulates the autonomic nervous system response, allowing you to be relieved of stress and anxiety. Its modulation of the stress response is so great that it can even be used in the treatment for depression and anxiety, and its side effects are potentially less than prescription beta-blockers or anti-depressants for some.

Your senses are also enhanced with the chemical, so massage oils which include CBD are the perfect addition to enable a relaxing massage to feel even greater and comforting. Even skincare products with CBD may inject a greater sense of calm.

Skin Conditions

You’ll find skincare products with CBD for the calm and stay for the love it shows your skin. CBD has phenomenal anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is also readily absorbed into the skin, making it effective for alleviating dry skin and acne rapidly.

CBD oil is beneficial for your long term wellbeing as both ingredients have antifungal and antibacterial properties, so it can help combat skin infections when applied. It will also keep your skin clean and fresh which is just all-around good news for positively gleaming skin.

Substance Abuse Management

This might sound contradictory to some, but there have been some exciting rodent studies showing the administration of CBD can modulate the neurocircuitry for drug-seeking and taking behaviors. One study involving participants with a history of heroin abuse found this to be true as CBD reduced drug craving, as well as the anxiety around triggers of the opioid taking behavior, in comparison to a placebo.

Whilst marijuana – and by extension – CBD may have a stigma of being a gateway to hard drug-taking, if this research is showing it can actually reduce hard drug-taking and addiction, it is clear we need to invest in CBD as a treatment, instead of politicizing it to the extent we currently do.

Mosquito Repellent

Much like how some people can’t stand the smell of a spliff, mosquitos seem to be averse to the smell of CBD. If you’re a sun seeker, CBD can double as an insect repellent on holiday so make sure to pack some in your suitcase to keep the bites at bay.

Pain Management

We all know medical marijuana can be used for chronic pain conditions so this should come as no surprise, but the amount of conditions CBD can help is endless! CBD acts rapidly for localized pain management when binding with CB2 receptors, as it modulates the receptor response and impacts neurotransmitters. A lot of research has been conducted which shows significant pain reduction when used to treat people with sciatic pain, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, proving itself to be a pain management drug of longevity and high effectiveness.

CBD is seriously a miraculous chemical, as the above are just 5 of the many uses it has. I didn’t even mention that it could potentially be used to prevent diabetes and psychotic symptoms of mental disorders. Neither will many people because of the war on drugs, and marijuana having been painted in such a negative light in the past. It is time for politics to take a back seat however, as it lets science take the reins in providing empirical evidence as to why CBD brings a smile to everyone’s face.

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