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Gunna, Drip Season 4Ever | Album Review

After listening to this album, I am certain that Gunna fans are thoroughly satisfied with DS4EVER. If you have nothing else to say about the album and Gunna, you can definitely say that his sound and lyric content is consistent– it’s far from difficult to find the melodic flows of Gunna that his fans know and love. You can always count on Gunna and friends (i.e. Young Thug, Future) to let us know how essential it is to pop 🅿ercocets, a plethora of odd sexual encounters you could have with women, as well as the amount of unnecessary, expensive things they can buy and brag about in one album.

The best thing about the album, and this is something that isn’t foreign to Gunna, is the beat selections. On DS4EVER, there are beats from some of the hottest producers in the hip-hop game right now, such as Wheezy, Metro Boomin, Turbo and more.

‘alotta cake’ is one of the best songs on the album simply because of how fire the beat is. With the distinct guitar strum throughout the song and the way the beat drops in the beginning, Metro Boomin' didn't fall short. It’s not until Gunna starts rapping over the beat and says stuff like “Let your hoe get the nut, she a cashew” and his typical flow that sometimes feels like he’s listing off a grocery list (i.e. “Lotta cake, fornicate…Diamond lens, Cartier”) that the beat is overridden with nonsensical noise.

Personally, the most frustrating part of this project is the way he includes songs such as ‘private island’ and ‘so far ahead > empire’ where Gunna seems to expose an ounce of vulnerability and infuse both songs with lyrics that reflect on his rise to stardom and coming from a life of hardship to being on top. Songs like this take us beyond the typical sound of an artist and assists them in breaking away from the cliched sound that everyone knows them for. It offers his current fans a lens into topics beyond the same party, drug culture vibe and allows the new fans to experience a drop of versatility in content.

Overall, DS4EVER is a safe album. It allows Gunna to provide his fans with the content they’re used to receiving from him and to produce the same projects he’s been releasing.

For some, that works, considering they have a certain level of expectation for the music he releases, however it wouldn’t hurt to push the envelope and show us more sides of his artistry and deeper-than-surface level music to break up the monotony.

Album Rating: 6/10

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Bryce C.
Bryce C.
Jan 18, 2022

When you quoted the bar "Let your hoe get the nut, she a cashew" I literally cackled. Well done Autumn and very well written. I loved the video included, being that it's a favorite of mine and the streets as well. Good job!! Can't wait for the rest of your drops!

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