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City Profiles: LA Coast

Quick Hits🎯

Location🏡: California Southern Coast

Population🏃‍♂️ : Over 150.000

Mood👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: Healthy Living, Sports & 420 Friendly

After taking you on a virtual tour (because virtual is all we can do at the moment 😭) of some of the most iconic locations in West Hollywood in our last City Profile, it’s time to discover what the LA coast has to offer.

Along the spectacular coast of the Golden State lies the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, the only route that you won’t mind getting stuck on. Offering stunning views from Southern California all the way up to the Bay Area, PCH reserves its very best, most spectacular scenarios for the portion that stretches between Malibu and Santa Monica.

With about 72 miles of coastline and the sun shining almost every day of the year, tourists and locals can’t help but love the beaches of Los Angeles. With their stunning ocean views and sporty, chill vibes, Venice, Malibu, and Santa Monica are the main neighborhoods of the LA coast and have so much more than their pretty beaches to offer.


Good Eats🍟🍔

Huckleberry Cafe, Malibu Farm, Cafe Gratitude

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for brunch in Santa Monica, Huckleberry is the answer to all your problems… no literally, to every single one of them.

Combining delicious, organic food with a warm and casual atmosphere, Huckleberry is a gem you don’t wanna miss on a relaxing beach day.

Despite the name, Malibu Farm actually has various locations across the world, including Tokyo and Cabo, but nothing compares to the unbelievably stunning views that the Malibu location has to offer.

Situated right on the Malibu Pier, Malibu Farm has both a restaurant and a cafè located at opposite ends of the pier, and only offers fresh, organic food straight from the SoCal farms - as the name itself suggests.

Loved by both tourists and locals, Cafe Gratitude takes the soul and vibe of Venice Beach and transforms them into delicious, colorful, and organic plant-based dishes that people can’t help but love.

With different locations across Los Angeles and SoCal, Cafe Gratitude will always be there to offer you a taste of heaven 👩‍🍳


Blow A Bag💰

Santa Monica

If you’re anything like me, spending a whole day roasting under the sun and conditioning your hair for hours after might not be your thing. But if you also don’t wanna completely avoid the ocean, then Santa Monica is for you.

The list of things to do and see in Santa Monica is endless, but here’s a nice little rundown of the main shopping and entertainment spots in the neighborhood:

  • Santa Monica Place - With almost 100 shops, restaurants, and services, Santa Monica Place is an outdoor shopping mall that features some of the most popular high-end brands. Located at the south end of Third Street Promenade, the mall offers three floors of fun and entertainment, stunning views, and an ✨immaculate✨ vibe.

  • Third Street Promenade - Walking from Santa Monica Place towards the beach, you can find Third Street Promenade, another shopping, dining, and entertainment destination situated right in downtown Santa Monica. With some of the most popular stores - including Forever21, H&M, and more - and delicious restaurants - my favorite has to be Cabo Cantina with their mega margaritas 🤤. Third Street Promenade is also a stage for some of the most amazing street performers and a showroom for talented LA artists.

  • Santa Monica Pier - Walking down from Third Street Promenade, you’ll find the iconic Santa Monica Pier. End of historic Route 66 and home to the world-famous Pacific Park, the Pier doesn’t need much of a presentation, you just know you’ll have the time of your life and enjoy the best views.

📸 @dest0n


Vibe Check🕺🏾

Venice Beach

If you’re looking to add a little 💚spice💚 to a typical beach day, Venice Beach is calling your name. The Venice of America is nothing but the materialization of Abbot Kinney’s dream to renovate a piece of land west of LA.

After decades of growth, Venice is now not only a popular tourist destination but also the skating capital of the world and a worldwide known sports destination; it’s home to some of the most talented street artists and performers and - as I love to say- Venice’s streets smell like dreams and freedom (🌿 💨 if you know, you know).

Here’s a quick rundown of things to do in Venice:

  • Skate (or just watch someone who knows what they’re doing) at the Venice Skatepark

  • Get matching, personalized t-shirts with your best friend to help you find each other when you’re 6 margaritas and a few joints deep

  • Visit and paint the Venice Art Walls

  • Enjoy all the food, drinks, and live music that the bars and restaurants have to offer

  • Take a walk along the canals

  • Visit the Green Goddess Collective and have the best smoke of your life, laying on the beach and enjoying the ocean breeze.

📸 @dest0n


Taking A Walk?🌲


If what you’re looking for is crystal clear water, stunning sunsets, and immaculate beaches, then Malibu will drive you crazy with its beauty, calm, and peace.

Known for being an exclusive location where Hollywood stars live in private oceanfront homes, Malibu is also popular among surfers for having some of the best waves in the world.

If you’re willing to venture beyond the long stretches of beach into the hills and canyons, Malibu is also the perfect place to hike and come across mesmerizing views and even waterfalls along the hiking trails.

Lastly, you definitely can’t miss the iconic Getty Villa for a jump back in the arts and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.



The beauty that the Los Angeles coast has to offer can't be compared. With the perfect combination of sunshine, good food, stunning views, and a relaxed vibe, the LA coast is a place to live and love 💕

Look out for City Profiles every other Wednesday and comment below where you'd like to see us go next! ✈

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