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Artist Spotlight: Meyru

photos retrieved from Atwood Magazine

“Our new rule is: fuck it."

Spirited, captivating, and wistful, the five-person ensemble that makes up the band Meyru is transporting the NYC music environment into a nostalgic indie-rock scene. Returning to the stage at Baby’s All Right, Meyru hosted their first headliner show of the 2023 season on Thursday night, April 27. Having recently dropped two new singles, Imitation Honey,and “Here,” the band was eager to tap back into the live, New York energy.

I had the pleasure of connecting with the band and uncovering their best friendships and artistic differences that fall together to emanate such a timeless, euphoric sound. Nic Grunewald, lead singer, entered the music world early on with his cousin, and lead guitarist, Steven Spiegel. Meyrus bassist, Tommy Gambon, befriended the cousins in high school, and with the production aid of Cal Maro and drummer Matthew Langner, Meyru came to be. Where’d the name come from? Their own imaginations and two random syllables:

"We thought about if we could come up with a word that doesn’t exist and can only be applied to music…it’s just its own thing and it’s not related to anything else"

Having been a group for half a decade now, Meyru has a lot to be told through their art. It’s music that makes you think and music that makes you feel warm and full. These kinds of stories and emotions stem from the compilation of the members’ own creative geniuses and reflect a theme that stands out in their art:

"We’re still gonna have fun. That’s basically, I think, the mentality that we’ve had for most shows: we’re up here, this is for fun. We’re gonna have fun no matter what. I feel like we’ve gotten more consistent with having good chemistry or good vibes on stage."

Meyru did just that at Baby’s, performing their two new singles along with a compilation of hits off of their two preceding albums, Slow Up and Good to See You. Bringing an uplifting and easy energy to the room, Meyru exchanged jokes between songs and made it clear that they were confident and comfortable as a group in front of an audience. The passion they each have came through in the way they fed off the energy of one another, performing with laughs and rhythmic bouncing. This kind of fun seems to have naturally blossomed amongst the crew - not only having fun but trusting one another in the creative developments that come with the artistic field,

I think a separate challenge, musically, was finding our voice early on because I think all five of us, we overlap a little bit with our influences, but we all have pretty distinctive unique influences. So there was a lot of sacrifice trying to find something that meshed with all of us, but I think recently we've also been just accepting of everything more."

The chemistry shared between the five young men isn't something that just happens by chance, it’s something that is rooted in a true bond among all members. Meyru embodies what it means to be young and in love with life; never taking things too seriously, but also acknowledging and learning from the important events and lessons. Together, these young men encapture the young-at-heart spirit and turn it into something that is beautifully, audibly infectious. They create music that echoes an encouraged spirit of youth and bliss. As they continue to have fun and grow with each other, Meyru said their future goals of world domination are backed by their hopes of, “doing this full time as much as we can for as long as we can.With talk of a forthcoming album in the works, Meyru is promising an elaboration on their love-for-life discography and more tunes to add to your life’s soundtrack playlists.

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