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Renforshort on Young Female Hardships within the Music Industry

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Photos by Luke Fenstemaker

One of the most challenging scenarios young artists cope with is stereotyping and conventionalization. Renforshort, a 20-year-old musician from Toronto, ON, had the opportunity to share her opinions and ideas surrounding being young and female within the music industry during a press conference hosted by 1824°.

Lyrics are always personal to the artist, but musicians like Renforshort take pride in their lyrical ability to make relatable tunes also personable to others. With this mentality comes optimistic security in having lyrics with a clear, yet open-ended message, aiming for these unforeseen resolutions to be ambiguous.

Throughout her career Ren has successfully attempted to keep her core values secure while being out in the public eye, as young as seventeen; Mental health and honesty are the two ideas she tries to emulate throughout her work: “Over time my writing has definitely matured. I was forced to mature a little faster than most people would, I think that it has helped me with everything.” A struggle many young artists are constantly faced with.

"No one thinks that a 17-year-old can make a decision about her life, but you expect someone to come out of high school at 17, or 18, and be like, 'this is what I want to do with my life'"

While establishing examples of emotional barriers young artists face within the music industry, Ren was quick to compare the lack of opportunities and options teenagers face after graduating high school: “No one thinks that a 17-year-old can make a decision about her life, but you expect someone to come out of high school at 17, or 18, and be like, ‘this is what I want to do with my life,” and compares how it's like sending your kids off to work at young ages, instead of continuing education.

I know what I want to do, I’ve always known what I want to do,” Ren says. Her mentality towards working hard in the industry has since paid off, gaining 1.2 Million monthly Spotify listeners, opening for The Band CAMINO's tour, and collaborations with artists such as Jake Bugg, Alexander 23, and Travis Barker.

Being a woman within the industry is not only competitive but inequitable. Ren examples how there are “always uncomfortable [situations] on set, and in general within the music industry,” even while touring with an all-women team. “We go to venues, and the staff there are like, 'oh are you here for your husbands tonight.' While that was hurtful, it kept inspiring us to be like, ‘we'll show them,’” although having an all-women team to lean on definitely helped create a very comforting environment while being on the road.

"A lot of people feel very intimidated by powerful women," Ren proclaims. Her ability to recognize the gap between young female artists within the industry inspires many, and her ability to articulate her experiences is how change can hopefully be made.

Dear Amelia, Renforshort's debut album that released on July 8th, 2022, covers all the topics Ren has been able to stay true to for so long. Songs like, “i miss myself,” and “made for you” characterize her ability to be vulnerable with her listeners by sharing changes she has gone through as a person based on experiences that many can relate to; whether it be a situation with family, a best friend, or partner.

Starting September 15th, Renforshort will kick off her first North American solo tour in her home city, Toronto.

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