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Top 5 Drake Leaks

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Edited by Nora Lee (@noralee33)

Since the end of 2018 and up until the release of "War" in the winter of 2019, Drake's been under the radar for someone who's known to have multiple hit records every year. Maybe he needed a cool down after sparring against Hip-Hop vet Pusha T? Maybe the Toronto Raptors championship celebration still hadn't ended in the 6 God's new mansion? However, 2020 has already been a pretty good year for Drake, considering he still plans to drop two more projects before the year's end (TBA & What A Time To Be Alive 2). Though cluttered with leaks and not considered an album, Dark Lane Demo Tapes quenched fans need for some new Drizzy, though many are still waiting for his new project.

As a result, and in anticipation of some of the new music we'll be expecting to hear toward the end of 2020, here's a list of Drake's Top 5 Leaks:


“Not Around" was initially leaked on March 1st of 2020, and stands at the top of Drake's unreleased tracklist. First rumored to be a Pi’erre beat, “Not Around” stands out for its energetic hi-hats amidst a chorus of synths that approach the sonic quality of a full string section. The bass, which plays an important role in the overall ambiance of Drake's catalog, is the bread and butter that could easily catapult this song when it's released. Matter of fact, on April 6th, Drake announced on OVO Mark’s Instagram Live that the final version of “Not Around” would appear on his sixth studio album. The album has not been publically announced yet, but plan on Drake having a busy second half of the year.


“Lovesick”, leaked on February 22nd of 2020, was originally dated January 23, 2017. This leads many to think that this song could've been recorded for a prior album and may not actually officially release. Its instrumental also featured a transition into “Zodiac Sign”, another track that may never see light.

“Lovesick” induces a pong of nostalgia--truthfully, and it’s hard to get a more quintessential singing Drake than this. Drake croons over moody, warped synths punctuated by a muted percussion: “Why are we in Chanel talkin’ ‘bout life and shit? / Got my emotions on open mic and shit.” These underwater percussions are a staple of OVO 40's engineering style. It's a consistent theme in Drake's music, giving him more sonic space to really convey the full emotion behind a track. One thing I do know is that 2017 > 2020.

"Like I’m Supposed To/ Do Things"

“Like I’m Supposed To/Do Things” first leaked as a snippet on July 22nd of 2019, with the full version surfacing November 9th later that year. This one's for the More Life fans! Essentially an alternative version of “Get it Together,” with both tracks clearly relying directly on the influence of South African house music. Basically, a classic example of Drake yearning for a female companion that's no longer in his presence.


“Pistols” leaked in 2017. If you’re looking for a track with BOUNCE, you’ve come to the right place (when the bass first hit on the chorus, I nearly passed out). Bonuses include an unbelievably catchy hook. "Pistols" finds Drake in one of those career-defining moments where he's trying to balance killing off his enemies and opening up to a female interest. Reminiscent, but not connected to his former relationship with Rihanna, Drake has had many situations like the one described in this song.


“Greece” was first previewed by Drake in an Instagram Live session on May 1st of 2020. A pitched vocal sample loops throughout the song, waxing and waning in volume. The hi-hats keep a lively tempo, but somehow (per usual) Drake still sounds effortlessly cool and relaxed.

In typical Drake style, he woos the woman he’s pining for by promising a life of luxury. He opens on the chorus: “Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah / We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah.” Drake has posted images of an owl with the word “Greece” under it, leading fans to think it will release soon.

Hopefully, these leaks leave you more excited than ever to hear Drake's upcoming project, because they've definitely been on repeat at AFTR PRTY.

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Jalen Carr
Jalen Carr
Jul 14, 2020

Alexa help I cant stop playing “Not Around” 😰


M. Valentino
M. Valentino
Jul 14, 2020

This article slapped homie! The content, meticulous layout! I'm a new fan!

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