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Top 5 Trippie Redd Leaks

Since his announcement of Pegasus on Instagram Live back in March, Trippie Redd fans have been listening to every snippet and preview possible to hear what he has to offer on his most mysterious project yet. Early on, Trippie hinted at Pegasus being a rock & roll album or possibly having an all rock deluxe version. Trippie’s also alluded to Pegasus having an overall dreamy and mystical production style which these leaks can attest to.

Looking through all of Trippie’s leaks, including songs from 2018, here is a list of Trippie Redd’s Top 5 Leaks:

V - 12

"V - 12" is produced by RipSquad & Starboy. V-12 leaked on August 1st, 2020 where just as the title suggests Trippie rides through the night in a V - 12 Maybach. With the fast dreamy chord progression and piano keys on the chorus the song becomes about something more than just flexing and the beautiful production sweeps you away.

Flesh & Blood

Produced by Murda Beatz, "Flesh & Blood" leaked on August 9th 2020 but was supposed to drop on Christmas of 2018. Fan’s have been waiting for this grail for 2 years and can finally add it to his unofficial discography. "Flesh & Blood" is a love track with Trippie proclaiming “your love is so vivid, it's like a sweet ravine” it’s an instant classic fan will be playing for ages.


“Moonlight” is produced by Oscar Zulu & Hammad Beats and leaked on August 18, 2020, with 26 other tracks as part of Trippie’s long-awaited album Pegasus. Moonlight is a slow song where Trippie serenades a girl over the chorus “Bae, I need a helping hand I can still be your man I was tryna see your plans 'Cause I was tryna have this dance tonight”.


Produced by Loaded this track leaked on August 18, 2020, alongside Moonlight and the rest of the album Pegasus. “Weeeee” is a hard-hitting rock-infused track that includes some intense verses and a mystic church sounding chorus like you’ve never heard before.

Good Morning

Produced by ChopsquadDJ “Good Morning” was first previewed by Trippie Redd in 2018 during an Instagram Live, it surfaced two years later on August 18, 2020, with Pegasus and Moonlight. With a chorus starting with “Baby, what you really waiting for? I can give you everything and more” Trippie sings about his love for this girl over a hypnotic dance beat that makes you bop your head.

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