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AFTR PRTY LLC. is currently accepting submissions from talented writers & contributors passionate about music, fashion, and pop culture!

If you share our vision & would like to join us follow the instructions below.

Fill out the AFTR PRTY Survey & Schedule Your Interview by clicking the buttons below:










After you finish the survey follow the instructions that fit your background. 

Writer/Editors: Send us a 500-word article on one of the three topics you said you were passionate about in the survey.  

  • Always include video links from YouTube/other and high-quality images with your work.

  • Be creative and have fun, but also focus on your audience. 

  • (Optional) Come up with article titles or concepts for the other two categories. ​

Photographer/Videographers: Send us links or portfolios of your work. 

  • We're interested in seeing themes or collections that tell a story.  ​

  • We're also interested in seeing thriving Instagrams.

  • These are recommendations we mainly just want to see your work. 

  • (Optional) Write a 300-word article on a Photographer/Videographer that has inspired you. 

Graphic Designers: Send us links or portfolios of your work. 

  • Interested in seeing a variety of creative graphics, designs, and logos. 

  • A thriving Instagram with consistent work. 

  • (Optional) Write a 300-word article on a Graphic Designer that has inspired you.

Social Media Managers: Send us links to your social media accounts.

  • The key here is aesthetics. 


Content Creators: Send us your content.

  • We're looking for memes, viral tweets, TikTok, IGTV Shows, Youtube Shows, Podcast Ideas, etc. 

Send all submissions to!

Although we don’t pay our contributors right now, you will become an important part of our community

AND have the opportunity to grow your personal brand and/or name with our rapidly expanding audience.

Please allow us three (3) business days to review your work. You should insert any photos or gifs into the documents you are sending us. You should also incorporate hyperlinks to any youtube videos or sources that are included in your work. If you have not heard from us after five (5) business days, feel free to submit elsewhere.


Remember to be creative and have fun!

Please note that the material posted on AFTR PRTY is a representation of our community as a whole, anything not aligned with our beliefs can be republished or removed. You will always receive full credit for the work you contribute to our site and we as a community will promote and support all your endeavors. Thank you!

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