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5 Plus-Size Brands to Shop Now

The fashion industry has always thrived on the idea of exclusivity. One of the worst manifestations of this has been the gatekeeping of high-end clothes from plus-size individuals. Brands often fight tooth and nail to avoid expanding their size ranges to maintain an outdated idea of what they believe style can look like. Instead of getting into a lengthy rant on the bullshit within the fashion industry, let's shift the focus onto the brands that are recognizing a wide range of sizes and are striving to provide inclusivity. Here are 5 brands with wide size ranges that will almost make you forget how messed up the industry is.


Price Range: $$

Featured in another one of our fashion articles, 10 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Should Know, Loud Bodies is a company prioritizing size inclusivity and sustainable business practices while providing fun, youthful designs for everyone. The clothing is made at a small atelier in Romania by a select group of women who cut and sew each piece to perfectly fit the consumer. The clothes range from XXS to 10XL and allow free alterations to best suit your needs.


Price Range: $$$$

The most expensive brand on this list, Teuta Matoshi is a design house with dresses straight out of a fairytale. The dreamy silhouettes and beautiful embellishments make wearing any piece feel as though you’re fulfilling your wildest fantasy. The wide range of dresses makes it easy to find a piece that suits you and the occasion you’re attending. Matoshi primarily employs women from Kosovo, the designer's home country. If her last name sounds familiar it's because she is the sister of Lirika Matoshi – the designer of the infamous strawberry dress. Teuta Matoshi’s designs go up to a US size 18 and even have the option of customized gowns.


Price Range: $$

OUBLIER Collective centers tall and plus size frames for men while providing comfortable clothing with unique design details. Their clothes are minimalistic with unique elements in natural fabrics and dye options. The sizes range from XL to 5X.


Price Range: $$

Kirrin Finch is a brand built on the principles of size and gender inclusivity. Their designs are inspired by menswear and take into account the various proportions that come when catering to a range of sizes. Their garments are made by valuing good fit and interesting elements, by utilizing cool and classic colors and patterns. Sizes range from US 0-24 and provide more room in the hips and bust.


Price Range: $$

Warp + Weft began thirty years ago as a family-owned company. They operate with a mission of sustainability and fair wage practices. They place a large emphasis on the “perfect fit” and use curved waistbands and perfectly-placed pockets to create a jean that looks good and feels good for everyone. They offer a plethora of washes and go up to size 24.

The discourse around inclusivity in fashion is nowhere near where it should be but we hope that by championing brands that are inclusive and by showing their impact on the industry, that other brands will follow their lead.

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