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7 Best Landing Spots for Deshaun Watson

As the offseason rolls on, a large amount of NFL media coverage continues to focus around Deshaun Watson. Within the past week, Watson has officially requested a trade, and new Texans GM Nick Caserio has stated he has "zero interest" in trading his star quarterback. It still befuddles me how the Texans allowed the situation to get so dire. Only a year ago, this team had a 24-0 lead on Patrick Mahomes and the eventual Super Bowl champion Chiefs. Regardless of how badly the Texans have botched their future in the past 12 months, they will have no shortage of suitors should they decide to trade Watson. He’s already a top 5 QB in the league, and at 25 years old, he has plenty of productive years ahead of him. However, a complicated issue for the Texans to w