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AFTR PRTY RADIO| Anycia, Siimbiie Lakew, The South Hill Experiment, Kabwasa, ahill, and MORE

Welcome back to AFTR PRTY Radio where we’ve shuffled up some of our favorite new hits this week! Dive into rising duo The South Hill Experiment’s transcending track, Siimbiie Lakew’s latest release, “Soul Sing” from funk lover Kabwasa, Anycia’s upbeat “DROP TOP,” uprising artist ahill’s raps, and MORE!


"DREAMS!" - The South Hill Experiment

Pic by Nic Khang

Switching things up is The South Hill Experiment’s expertise; if you’re looking for something more obscure, they’ve got what you need. “DREAMS!” tends to make you feel like you’re no longer on Earth with its general alternative sound and a sprinkle of psychedelic soul. The South Hill Experiment is made up of two brothers; Baird, a 27-year-old Baltimore-based artist, and Gabe Acheson, who goes by the alias Goldwash. In this brotherly duo, Baird brings an electronic pop sound to the scene while Goldwash sets it with existential funk. In the music video for “DREAMS!” the brothers’ logo is imprinted on a drum set accompanied by various other instruments. At the same time, people dance around and eerie sounds seep from the piano as a pillow fight erupts. The South Hill Experiment is a versatile and distinct duo that I become increasingly intrigued by the more I listen. With two singles released just this month, these two brothers aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

"DROP TOP" - Anycia

Pic by Jordon Wells

In the summer of 2022, something switched in young artist Anycia Symoné that made her want to start taking music more seriously. EXTRA is Anycia’s latest release as well as her debut EP which has been racking up thousands of listens on Spotify. Being authentic is something Anycia prides herself on as an artist on the rise; her personality reflects in her music and that’s how she wants it to be. Anycia has serious fun with “DROP TOP,” which is featured on her EP with an accompanying music video. Decked out in bling, Anycia and her friends, whom she refers to as her “pretty bitches” in the track, vibe in her penthouse with a sick view and cruise around the city. Also referring to American track star Sha’Carri Richardson in lyrics, “Like Sha’Carri with the money,” Anycia’s independent attitude is painted all over this track. Get hooked to the addictive beat of “DROP TOP” below.

"Soul Sing" - Kabwasa

Taking inspiration from music he grew up with, Kabwasa has no problem fusing favored genres to create a unique sound. Kabwasa, who goes by both his middle and mother’s maiden name, is an artist whose stage name reflects his passion for staying connected with family roots. Always a creative, Kabwasa grew up making songs on Garageband with his siblings in Watsonville, California. He expresses that his goal is to make listeners feel a little tickle in their brain that makes them wanna move. “Soul Sing” proves Kabwasa is fully capable of doing so with its upbeat nature and good-time vibes. The accompanying music video features Kabwasa and friends enjoying themselves at a cookout. With his album, Kabwasa Presents… Supa Heavy Funk freshly released this year and singles “Soul Sing” and “SPRINT” out just last month, Kabwasa’s on top of his game. What I love most about this rising artist’s discography is how each work is crafted with a ‘get up and dance’ attitude. Keep a lookout for upcoming artist Kabwasa and let your soul sing with this hot track.

"ACTS OF SERVICE" - Siimbiie Lakew

Pic by LeMaestro

New York is one of multiple places Siimbiee Lakew spent time growing up. Living in Ethiopia, South Africa, and New Jersey as well, Siimbiie Lakew’s craft is just as diverse as his upbringing. Settling in New York allowed Lakew to jumpstart his career and support artists such as Ty Dolla $ign and Rae Sremurred. “ACTS OF SERVICE” shows off the hip-hop artist’s ability to keep his tracks chill while spicing them up with tactical rap verses. Since taking a break in 2020 to focus on activism and supporting Black communities, Lakew has released a handful of singles. “ACTS OF SERVICE” is perfect for unwinding, vibing, and everything in between. On the laidback track, Lakew explains that acts of service are his love language, hence the title. Siimbiie Lakew is keen on putting out art he loves and hopes his audience loves it too.

"i bet i will" - ahill

Pic by Peter Nguyen

Houston-raised artist ahill is making his way into the game after releasing his debut album last year and newly released singles this year. “i bet i will” takes ahill’s rich vocals and polished piano riffs to make a track I can’t get enough of. Ahill switches from city to countryside settings in the accompanying music video that he shot and edited himself. There’s no doubt if ahill keeps creating, things will only go up.

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