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AFTR PRTY Radio Week 7

HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! We’re back yet again with another specially curated AFTR PRTY Radio, just for you. Highlights include Kaash Paige’s debut album, a self-produced project from Kahlil Blu, a brand new single from Cousin Stizz, Liv.e’s captivating experimental-R&B album, and BKTHERULA’s latest synth-heavy masterpiece. Follow the playlist for weekly updates here🕺🏾

Liv.e-"You the One Fish in The Sea"

Last month, Dallas-born, LA-based artist Liv.e released her 20-track project, Couldn’t Wait to Tell You… Track by track, she cultivates a truly unique, experimental R&B sound,— one that's heavily infused with jazz and soul. Her mellow, airy vocals shine throughout the album; in particular, on “You the One Fish in the Sea,” you’ll find moments of pure sonic bliss when her voice is layered over itself again and again.

Kahlil Blu- "REX"

Producer-rapper Kahlil Blu’s latest project, DOG, is a must-listen from front to back. The Harlem-based artist both wrote and produced every single song, and the result is genuinely mind-blowing. Khalil Blu’s layered, instrumental-heavy production creates a bright but textured terrain—one which he skillfully accompanies with unequivocally honest, razor-sharp lyricism. In describing the album Kahlil said: “This album is about my life. Everything I’ve learned about myself. My thoughts. The pain I’ve went through. The happiness, sadness everything. Every song is a moment in life that reflects a mood. I tried to make this album as versatile as I am.”

Support Kahlil Blu on Bandcamp here:

Kaash Paige- "Grammy Week"

Truth be told, my 12-year-old brother put me on to Kaash Paige. He was one of many dedicated listeners who discovered the Dallas-based singer-songwriter when her track “Love Songs” blew up on TikTok. Paige originally wrote and recorded the single during her senior year of high school, and was pleasantly dumbfounded to discover that it became one of the most popular songs on TikTok—an app she hadn’t even downloaded at the time—nearly a year later. She swiftly ran with the momentum, releasing her debut EP, Parked Car Convos, in November of last year. Today, the 19-year-old artist just dropped her first full-length project, Teenage Fever. The album includes features from an impressive but motley crew (Don Toliver, SSG Kobe, 42 Dugg, K CAMP, and Isaiah Rashad all make appearances), yet manages to stay entirely honest to who she is as an artist. On every track, Kaash Paige’s effortlessly glossy voice glides over hazy, smooth, R&B production.

Cousin Stizz- "Crocodile Tears"

Boston rapper Cousin Stizz is back with a new single, following up on his latest album, Trying to Find My Next Thrill, which was released a year ago today. Whether you’re heading to the club (or right now, I suppose, if you’re missing it), whether you’re seeking some carefree fun, whether you’re looking for something conscious or self-reflective, this man has something for you. In an interview with Complex last year, Cousin Stizz said, “I just do what the beat tells me to do.” And this beat, with a nostalgic chorus of background vocals and irresistible snare rolls, is sure to draw you in.

Bktherula- "Summer"

(Image via LAF House)

Rising Atlanta rapper BKTHERULA continues to boast her artistic versatility with her latest single, “Summer,” which she dropped at the beginning of July. Bursting with hi-hats, the track makes clear its Atlanta influence. But her echoing melodies are perfectly paired with sliding synths to create a dreamy, nebulous sound that is completely her own.

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