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AFTR PRTY Radio| Week 8

Let’s be honest: as far as new music Fridays go, this one wasn’t the best. But we’re committed to keeping up the quality of AFTR PRTY Radio, which by now should be your favorite music discovery tool. Today’s five selections include several new(ish) tracks that should be fresh on your radar. Dive into 8 new tracks from Sango, a debut solo EP from Harlem native Delly, Bari’s sophomore mixtape, a joint album from 10kdunkin and Atl Smook, and a debut project from Denmark native Erika de Casier.

“Revelação Edit (2018)” by Sango

Earlier this week, Sango gave us SANGOZINHO, an 8-song EP overflowing with energy that’s sure to help us make the most of these last days of summer. The Seattle-based DJ