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AFTR PRTY Radio| Week 8

Let’s be honest: as far as new music Fridays go, this one wasn’t the best. But we’re committed to keeping up the quality of AFTR PRTY Radio, which by now should be your favorite music discovery tool. Today’s five selections include several new(ish) tracks that should be fresh on your radar. Dive into 8 new tracks from Sango, a debut solo EP from Harlem native Delly, Bari’s sophomore mixtape, a joint album from 10kdunkin and Atl Smook, and a debut project from Denmark native Erika de Casier.

“Revelação Edit (2018)” by Sango

Earlier this week, Sango gave us SANGOZINHO, an 8-song EP overflowing with energy that’s sure to help us make the most of these last days of summer. The Seattle-based DJ/producer is a prominent member of Soulection, an LA-based radio station that has grown into a global collective of artists that seeks to connect across borders and blur the lines of genre. Sango’s sound is continuously based in hip-hop, soul, R&B, and even gospel—but with this project, he recaptures his original emphasis on Brazilian baile funk. Given his recent announcement of the upcoming release of Da Rocinha 4, a followup to the Da Rocinha trilogy that he left off in 2015, it’s safe to assume that this trend will continue.

“Medusa” by Delly

This past February, Harlem-based rapper Delly brought his first solo EP, Twenty7, to streaming platforms. “Medusa” stands out in particular with a headphones-absolutely-necessary beat built around a loop of a gliding synth scale. Boisterous 808s cut in and out with just enough suspense and layered claps dance sporadically in the distance. Delly ties everything neatly together—his flow bursting with confidence.

“Iite Shawty” by Bari

After turning in two top tier features on Smino’s NOIR at the end of 2018, St. Louis native Bari set out to make 2019 his year. He carried this momentum with great conviction, dropping MSTRGLSS in February and following up with Neva Look Back on Christmas Eve. With just a singular feature from fellow Zero Fatigue member Jay2, Bari flaunts impressive stamina. On “Iite Shawty,” his melodic, autotune-coated flows bring a compelling tenacity to a synth-heavy prodxvzn beat.

“Lineman” by 10kdunkin & Atl Smook

10kdunkin and Atl Smook combine forces on a joint album, titled 10k Smook, which dropped on streaming platforms in February of this year. These two Atlanta natives exchange verses seamlessly, bringing mellow, straightforward bars to a tranquil, lighthearted beat (produced by CashCache) that approaches the sonic quality of some hi-hat infused elevator music.

“Do My Thing” by Erika de Casier

Denmark based artist Erika de Casier brings a slew of harmonious juxtaposition to her music. Her debut album, Essentials, somehow possesses sleek modernity alongside a familiar feeling of nostalgia. Her voice is soft, gentle, breathy in quality, yet resoundingly self-assured. All in all, she brings a truly unique sound to a pop landscape. On her self-produced track “Do My Thing” she celebrates her own independence over a delicate harpsichord loop.

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