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An Introduction to Robb Bank$ | Dimes

To think that Broward County's finest Robb Bank$ (also known as 2phone, Griffith, FEMTO, YUH!) was born in New York is shocking. At the age of 6, the son of reggae/dancehall legend Shaggy migrated down south to the mystical land known as Florida, and the rest is history. Gaining an unprecedented amount of clout at a young age on the dying (basically dead but you can still find some gems here and there) social platform Tumblr, Robb Bank$ has been doing this music shit for almost a decade and is only 25 years old. His first mixtape Calendars originally dropped in 2012, and shortly after he solidified himself as an artist that deserved to be taken seriously. Robb Bank$ is unapolegetically a Florida man—he has been linked to many local artists such as SPACEGHOSTPURRP, (Bank$ was a former member of the infamous Raider Klan), Denzel Curry, wifisfuneral, Pouya, Cris Dinero, XXXTentacion (Bank$ also was a member of Members Only), Ski Mask the $lumpgod, Zoey Dollaz, Indigochildrick, and I'm probably still missing a bunch (Florida Hip-Hop really deserves its own genre).

(Pictured: XXXTentacion, Robb Bank$, Ski Mask)

Fans love Robb Bank$ because he has never changed who he was while still evolving his style, flow, and overall delivery immensely over the years. After taking a hiatus from making music in 2013 after the release of his popular mixtape Tha City, Bank$ came out of hibernation a brand new artist. Being truly "born from the internet," FEMTO has always expressed his overt love for anime over lo-fi, 808 heavy, beautifully melodic beats. In his current time-skip arc, he constantly flexes that he can rap circles around your favorite rapper effortlessly, while his baritone voice floats on any beat ranging from old Clams Casino to remixed Ashanti. Living in South Florida at the time of his rise, I can truly say that Robb Bank$ has evolved for the better, and I am eager for him to get the credit and critical acclaim he deserves. Here's an Introduction to the artist Robb Bank$:

"Song", Album

1. "On Me", Tha City

This song undeniably put Robb Bank$ on the map. When the mixtape cover for Tha City (below) dropped, Bank$ revealed all the rumors that Shaggy was actually his father. Bank$ may come from a music background, but he has never been in his father's shadow or even used his father's music status to his advantage; FEMTO really paved a way for himself, and "On Me" was his formal introduction to the music world.

2. "Pressure", Year of the Savage

"Pressure" was released along with 2phoneshawty's debut album Year of the Savage and was distributed by 300 Entertainment.

3. "ILYSM" (feat. Famous Dex), (later released on Molly World)

4. "225", Molly World

5. "Lie 2Me", Molly World

6. "Griffith Did Nothing Wrong", Molly World

Molly World is my favorite project by Robb Bank$ by far. Released in 2018, this was one of the first projects Griffith released after linking up with questionable rap figure, but undoubtedly successful mogul Birdman in 2017; Bank$ became a member of Cash Money Records's subsidiary Rich Gang. Later in 2017 Bank$ announced that he was going to remain an independent artist, but was still closely affiliated with Birdman and Rich Gang🕊🤝

7. "Project 8", Cloverfield 3 [Featured on this week's AFTR PRTY Radio]

8. "Intro", Road to Falconia

While Robb Bank$ is always actively making music [released No Rooftops 2 in April this year as well as the oogiemane produced political single"Black and Proud (Say it Loud)"] fans are eagerly still waiting for the release of his highly publicized next album Falconia. However in the meantime I hope you guys enjoy the Dimes playlist attached below and a BONUS track, the rumored intro to Falconia.

Look out for the next Dime$ and comment below who you would like to see next 😎🕺🏾

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