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An Introduction to Toro Y Moi | Dimes

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Toro Y Moi (Artist/Producer), also known as Chaz Bundick, Chaz Bear, or LES SINS, is one of the most influential indie musicians of our times. The Southern Carolina native helped pioneer the chillwave movement in the early 2010s by blending lofi psychedelic synths with samples that J Dilla would dig out of a crate. Since then, Toro's been constantly expanding his sound, recreating himself, and gaining recognition amongst his peers. He's collabed with high profile artists like Travis Scott, Tyler, The Creator, and Blood Orange, and has even received high praise from P. Diddy.

Fans love Toro because he's always just being himself. He doesn't have a big ego. His lyrics are vulnerable and relatable. He doesn't have a major label backing him. He just wants to be seen as an ordinary guy.

His most critically acclaimed album, Anything In Return (2013), was so popular that two of the songs were featured in the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack. Personally, this is my FAVORITE Toro album! From the trippy cover to the abstract love stories, this album feels like a diary that has all the important shit erased. Between this album and his most recent one, Outer Peace (2019), Chaz definitely deserves to smell his roses. So... here are 10 songs that'll introduce you to the wonderful artist that is Toro Y Moi:

(“Song”, Album)

1. "So Many Details", Anything In Return

(One of the songs in the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack.)

In interviews, Toro always names Daft Punk and J Dilla as his idols, and you can definitely hear their influence on this track.

2. "Say That", Anything In Return

3. "Ordinary Pleasures", Outer Peace

"Ordinary Pleasures" is definitely Toro's most popular song at the moment. It may be recency biased or facts, but this song slaps every time I hear it. Throughout the track, he's basically telling listeners to enjoy the small things in life, even though there's so much going on in the world. This also connected with the concept of his album, Outer Peace.

4. "Girl Like You", Boo Boo

5. "New House", Outer Peace

In his spare time, Chaz creates art and sells it online.

Check it out here!

6. "Grind", LES SINS

Les Sins is Toro's DJ name, and he's released one project and multiple singles under the moniker. He also did a live DJ set as Les Sins in San Francisco's Boiler Room (2014).

7. “Who I Am”, Outer Peace

8. “You Hid”, Causers Of This

9. “Labyrinth”, BOO BOO

10. “Harm In Change”, Anything In Return

With one single already released earlier this year (“Ordinary Guy), I wouldn't be surprised if Toro dropped another classic before the end of 2020. Within the past few months, he's been featured on tracks by MADEINTYO, Flume, and Flying Lotus, so he's definitely been in the stu.. Anyways, Toro Y Moi is a legend in the making so... I hope you guys enjoyed this article, the videos above, and DEFINITELY listen to the playlist below!

Look out for the next Dime$ and comment below who you would like to see next 😎🕺🏾

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