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Artist Spotlight: ForTunes

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

For our latest Artist Spotlight, we had the pleasure of linking up with Brooklyn's own DJ Fortunes. Producing, DJing, and making music for the past 10+ years has made ForTunes a young master at his craft. At the young age of 24, Fortunes has worked with the likes of artists such as Lauryn Hill and Waka Flocka, brands like Def Jam and WhoSampled, and is a member of the very elite Serato Academy, a mentor program for of the biggest DJ platforms in the world. Whether he's DJing a set in his hometown of BK or hosting shows in Tokyo, one thing that stays consistent is the admiration and appreciation of music and sampling that has shaped ForTunes' sound today.

We got a chance to chop it up with ForTunes a month after the release of his first beat tape, Cookie Crumbs, and racked his brain on what made him want to start DJing/producing. We then dive in even further and begin talking about his "Sample vs. Sampler" series that has racked up over 1.5M views across social media, how drill has redefined sampling, how his time at Serato Academy impacted his own craft, and advice to follow for young DJs and producers creating a name for themselves.

Watch the full interview HERE:

Stream Cookie Crumbs out NOW:

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