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Artist Spotlight: Landon Forbes

Straight from Outer Banks, NC, Landon Forbes is a young indie-pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and rising TikTok influencer. After only one year from the release of his first single, Landon has already gained over 1.2M views on YouTube with the "Rebound" music video, landed three Spotify editorials with his second single "Find You" and accumulated a total of 1.5 million streams on Spotify overall.

On the occasion of the release of his sixth single "Teenage Visions" on October 9th, we sat down with Landon to discuss his style, motivation, and projects.

When and how did you get into music?

I got into music at around 6 years old or so. I was a part of every church revival and school play. At around 9 I taught myself to play guitar through the magic of YouTube. The writing was something I was always in love with. It’s a different kind of feeling to be able to put my emotions and others into words.

How would you describe your style?

Although I’d describe my style as “alternative pop”, I try not to feed into what is expected of an artist and I don’t put my work into a box. I let the music lead me. I think all of us have our own way of doing things and each one is beautiful. Some parts of my music are “worship leader”, some parts are “philosopher”, but most parts are just a kid doing what he loves.

What makes you unique?

I don’t think anything makes me “unique”. Most people in my generation feel what I feel and see the world like I do. I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to speak for the people who enjoy my music.

What role has TikTok played in your growth as an artist?

TikTok is a constantly evolving social network but before I saw it as so, It was a place for me and my brother to have fun, show our goofy humor, and spread positivity. Currently, it’s my biggest platform, and one I hope to continue to grow. I have had to take time away from my mystery series due to Covid but new videos are coming soon!

What are your goals and projects for the near future?

I see myself at my core as a writer. I love to take time to create music people have to dig into to really see its value. I’m constantly in my notepad app writing anything that speaks to me on a metaphysical level. My current project includes video content for all platforms, music video shoots (after Covid), and always, always, MUSIC.

Tell us more about "Teenage Visions”. What’s the creative process behind it?

"Teenage Visions" was the easiest song I have ever written. Each word came from a secret stash of memories that I made growing up with my best friends. I didn’t grow up with dreamers, no, I grew up with believers. Logan, my brother, and I have always known that with the right mindset, hard work, and faith anything is possible. It’s my favorite piece I’ve released so far. I hope it brings people motivation and focus. The world is yours.

What message are you trying to leave to your listeners through your music?

I want the world to see itself for what it is. I struggle to communicate and music gives me a way to speak my truth and hopefully, others’. I want people to learn to talk about what we’re feeling and why, so maybe we can understand each other better. I know that’s a little cliche, but I haven’t met a person who I didn't think wasn’t deserving of speaking their truth. My message? Normalize our emotions as a whole so we can learn to be better. Day by day.

Stream his music on Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

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