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Artist Spotlight: LAYKE

“I think you reach a point in life where you’re trying to become something and prove yourself and then you wake up one day and realize that’s exactly who you are — and it’s exactly who you’ve always been.”

Growing up in a conservative and Catholic area of Dallas, Texas, Layke always felt like an outsider and found her safe space in music. Inspired by icons like Freddie Mercury and Shirley Manson, Layke started expressing herself through dance, musical theatre, and writing. Her poetry slowly took her from singing backup for a punk-rock band in high school to collaborating with legendary Snoop Dogg for a fresh and different version of Marshmallo and Bastille’s "Happier".

This life-changing opportunity wouldn’t have become available if it wasn’t for her meeting with Adrian Gurvitz back in 2016. The British singer, songwriter, musician, and producer took her under his wing and closely worked with her for the next two years, leading to a whole new level of artistic consciousness and to the release of two dreamy and emotional EPs: Layke, Pt.1 & Layke, Pt.2.

“Adrian is a genius and always knows the next place to go, the next boundary to push, the newest sound to find,” Layke shares. “He’s one of those people who has more creativity flowing through his veins than I’ve ever seen in any human.”

Layke is now ready to take her edgy-pop sound and unapologetic style back to the crowds, with the release of a third EP called Frequency, which will include songs “Frequency”, “Tonight Can’t Be the Last Time”, “XOXO”, “Going Out On a High” and last but not least, her freshly released single “Bad Things”

This latest evolution includes dance-party beats with edgy, electronic undertones and introspective, next-level lyrics that spotlight the enigmatic LGBTQIA+ community, as well as her own bi/pansexuality.

“I want to create a space with my music where people can truly let go without worrying about being judged or feeling like they’re not enough,” Layke explains. “We all deserve to live freely and openly without judgment. With this music, I feel much freer, more creative, and more evolved. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone, and now I’m more comfortable than I’ve ever been.”

You can follow Layke on: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Stream her music on: YouTube & Spotify

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