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Benefits of Sun Exposure

It's been hot as hell all week 🥵 Whilst there are some negative risks of over exposure from the sun from looking like a lobster or more seriously, skin cancer, the benefits of moderate sun exposure can greatly influence your life. Here are six health benefits that will give you a reason to chill out in the heat at the beach.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that nitric oxide helps to lower blood pressure, as it is released into the blood vessels when the sunlight hits your skin. This can prolong your life overall as reduced blood pressure decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Enhances Mood

The sun is renowned for boosting serotonin production, widely known as the happy hormone. The effects of this are so great that Seasonal Affective Disorder or seasonal depression tends to be rarer when it’s consistently sunny. This is why you may feel happier in the summer, because of the serotonin boost they receive from the sun during this season. It also decreases your stress levels due to the hormone regulation.

Improves Bone Health

The vitamin D we receive from the sun stimulates calcium and phosphorus in the body which strengthens bones, with vitamin D3 directly being correlated to a lower risk of bone fractures. You only need 15 minutes of sun exposure for these benefits so go for a short walk even if the snow is more your thing.

Improved Brain Function

Research has found sunlight could increase nerve cell growth in the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for forming, organizing and storing memories. This contributes to a slower decline in cognitive function over time. Reading a book in a sunny park could mean double time for your brain function!

Improves Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Syndrome

Research has found that Alzheimer’s patients that gain more sun exposure during the day show an improvement in the progression of the dementia and better scores on mental exams. This is thought to be due to the improvement in having regular circadian rhythms. These regular circadian rhythms also means you’ll have a more regular sleep cycle, therefore better sleep so you just got another advantage from that glorious star in the sky ;)

Heals Skin Disorders

Sunlight can promote healing of skin disorders, like acne, psoriasis, eczema, jaundice and other fungal skin infections. It can be so good for your skin that some people with skin conditions do light therapy, in which you expose the affected skin cells to light to slow the conditions growth.

Get out and party (or have an AFTR PRTY 😎!) in the sun to reap the above benefits and more! Just remember to always use a sunblock with a suitable SPF when in direct sunlight to protect against any of the risks.

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