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Breaking the Rules of Euphoria: "Talking About It" and Finding the Beauty in the Poetry

Amidst a collective paralysis, Sam Levinson and the Euphoria cast rise to the challenge of creating movement forward for the show in Special Episodes: Part 1 and 2. As we come back to the world of Euphoria, we have had time and space away from it, and so have the protagonists Rue and Jules. For the first time, we see each character in their own spaces, ready to talk (one way or the other), and are reminded that we need to do so as well; we need to stop, to breathe, to sit with it, and to talk about it. When we get comfortable on the couch in the therapist’s office or settle into a cup of bad coffee at our local diner, is when we begin to move forward. When we get uncomfortable is when we come up for air. Both episodes juxtapose ideas of inside and outside, past and future, reality and fantasy, stillness and movement, internal and external. Each of these contrasts allows for constant conversation between episodes. In assessing how Levinson manipulates notions of place and time, in Special Episodes 1 and 2, it becomes clear that until we look back, we cannot move forward.