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City Profiles: Harlem

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

One of the greatest parts of living in New York City is that on any given block you can stumble upon a community that embraces a multitude of different cultures, no matter how specific. This provides subsections of the city that go beyond the five boroughs that people proudly claim as their home turf. A community that has become synonymous with New York City (I'm jacking this should really be the fifth borough 😪, Staten Island see your way out) is the vibrant and beautifully black neighborhood known as Harlem. Spanning over 50 blocks on both the East and West side of Manhattan, Harlem has been a historical mecca for black culture, art, music, and delicious food that has been appreciated and imitated all over the world. Many iconic people in pop culture history have called Harlem their home (see Dipset, A$AP Rocky & Ferg, Dapper Dan, Duke Ellington, Tupac, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, Puff, I mean even Harry fucking Houdini had a crib on 125th...the list is elite) but you cannot truly understand the beauty of Harlem unless you actually immerse yourself in the neighborhood.