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City Profiles: West Hollywood

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Incorporated in 1984, West Hollywood is part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and its hands down one of the most unique cities in the world. Born from a coalition of LGBTQ+ activists, and now with over 40% of its population identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, WeHo has been one of the most influential small cities in the Country.

West Hollywood is the core and spirit of the purer essence of LA. You know how people always say that LA is the kind of city that you either love or hate, no in-between? Well, WeHo is nothing but the representation of all the reasons why you should love it.

It’s the home of creativity, diversity, and innovation. It's a city for people who are not scared of following their dreams; who won’t take no for an answer. It’s a city for people who want to do better, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, civil rights, and animal rights.

WeHo promotes public safety, affordable housing, economic development, protection of the environment, and advocates for HIV and AIDS awareness, offering free testing and educational opportunities.

Believe it or not, West Hollywood is much more than this. Home to some of the most iconic locations in Los Angeles, including the Sunset Strip and Melrose Avenue, the city has been the center of pop culture, fashion, and entertainment over the past decades.

So without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the unique and infinite aspects of this amazing city.

Quick Hits🎯

Location🏡: Bounded by Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills,

Beverly Grove, Fairfax District, and Hollywood

Population🏃‍♂️ : 36.854 (2018)

Mood👨‍👩‍👧‍👦: LGBTQ+ & 420 Friendly

Good Eats🍟🍔

(Gracias Madre, Katana Robata, Coffee Attic)

There’s only one way I could describe Gracias Madre to someone who’s never been blessed with their tacos and tequila, and that would simply be.. “SO LA”. This plant-based little gem is located right on Melrose Avenue and combines two of the most (stereo)typical LA marks: delicious vegan food and tasty Mexican cuisine, using only local, organic ingredients.

If you’re more into Asian tastes and you’re looking to have the real LA experience, what you need to do is wear that fancy dress that’s been waiting for the right occasion in your closet for so long, and take your pretty ass all the way to Katana Robata. With an astonishing view of the iconic Sunset Strip from their elevated terrace and an award-winning interior design, Katana is a favorite of celebrities and influencers offering the best flavors of Japan.

Another must-go on Melrose Avenue is Coffee Attic. Offering everything from European-style coffee, to signature drinks and dishes, Coffee Attic is the perfect spot for a chilled Sunday brunch or a quick Latte on the go.

Blow A Bag💰

(Design District & Melrose Ave)

West Hollywood Design District is one of the world’s favorite shopping destinations, featuring some of the most amazing shopping, entertainment, and dining destinations in LA. Extending between Beverly Blvd, Robertson Blvd, and Melrose Avenue, the district is now home to both some of the greatest brands in the world, such as Louboutin and Rag & Bone, and new emerging businesses and designers.

Melrose Avenue is certainly the most famous street in the district. With its unique vibe, iconic shops, and street art, Melrose is the perfect place to spend a typical LA-style Sunday. Or Saturday.. or any day really, just go.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can do here:

  • Get tattooed at one of the amazing tattoo shops.. and keep an eye on their flash events! Through Your Skin is probably my favorite.. Love them!

  • Sell your old clothes to make room (and $$) for all the new stuff you’re about to buy. Definitely check out Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading.

  • Buy a few old school vinyls and music merch at Headline Records.

  • Take pictures in front of the ever-changing street art, or the iconic angel wings

  • Grab a vintage denim jacket or a pair of cowboy boots at American Vintage or Wasteland

  • Support up and coming creatives buying their original art in one of the many little shops and showrooms all along the avenue

Vibe Check🕺🏾

(Santa Monica Blvd & LGBTQ+ Community)

📷Chris Tuite | Lindsey Best | @stevenplevine

As we said, West Hollywood was founded by a coalition of LGBTQ+ activists, and currently, over 40% of its population identifies as gay, lesbian, trans, or bisex. Needless to say that the city is considered a national capital for the gay community and that particularly applied to Santa Monica Blvd.

The part of Santa Monica Blvd that stretches through WeHo is part of the historic Route 66 and it’s not only the center of the LGBTQ+ nightlife in LA, but it’s where some of the most exciting events of the year take place, such as the Gay Pride and the Halloween Carnaval.

If you’re in LA, you definitely can’t skip on a night out on Santa Monica Blvd between drinks, delicious food, and the best LGBTQ+ friendly clubs.

Munchies 🍩

(Mel’s Drive-in, Milk Bar)

Mel’s Drive-in is a famous franchise that started in Northern California back in 1947 and has been one of the most iconic food and pop culture spots since then.

The West Hollywood location opened in 1997 and it’s strategically located right on Sunset Strip. The building, previously home to Ben Franks, has always been the favorite hangout spot for rock stars and celebrities.

Open 24h a day, 7 days a week, Mel’s Drive-in on Sunset is the ultimate after-hour spot in LA and it’s a favorite of both locals and tourists, with their famous burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, and shakes.

After a long day of shopping on Melrose, you can’t forget to stop by Milk Bar to satisfy all your sugar cravings and have a taste of their incredible cookies, cakes, and pies. If you are ready to have the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had in your life, Milk Bar is waiting for you.

The first time I tried their signature pie was probably one of the best days of my life and I’m not even exaggerating. The best part? They have the recipe for it up on their website. You’re welcome: Milk Bar Pie Recipe

Taking A Walk?🌲

(Sunset Strip)

Sunset Strip is the part of Sunset Boulevard that stretches through West Hollywood and is one of the World’s most famous streets, playing a crucial role in historic events such as the Sunset Strip curfew riots in 1966, as well as in pop culture and music.

In the 60s, Sunset Strip started rising as the center of rock and punk music, reaching its very peak in the 70s, when artists like Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Rolling Stones started to take over, only to eventually bloom into the home of glam metal in the 80s, when Motley Crue, followed by other bands like L.A. Guns and W.A.S.P., became kings of the Strip.

Today, the Strip still has that same rock vibe to it, with some of the most iconic music venues of the world, as well as some of the best spots for food, drinks and entertainment in LA.

Planning a night out on the Strip?


If you wanna fully live the spirit and vibe of the city of angels, visit West Hollywood <3

Look out for City Profiles every other Wednesday and comment below where you'd like to see us go next! ✈

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