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Dawn FM - Classic or Trash It?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

What’s good party-goers?! We got a new man in the house, and he goes by GB. I want to start by saying I’m happy to be here and we’re going to have some fun.

Now, Let’s get into this Weeknd album, Dawn FM.

(Courtesy of Hypebeast, we see you twin!)

Is it a Classic, or is it a Trash It?

I don’t know where to begin, in all honesty, from the all-star story to the guests. There is just so much to talk about here.

The Weeknd is coming off from his 5th studio album, After Hours. Total transparency here, I didn't like the album.

Dawn FM comes in with that 80s sound and hard-hitting ballads of love, heartbreak, romance, affairs, drugs, and just all-around pain on some high-hitting, heart-racing pop beats. The runtime for this project sits at 51 minutes and 49 seconds.

We’re looking at a 16 track album with a few favorites like Gasoline, How do I make you love me, and Here we go... Again (ft. Tyler, The Creator), to name a few. The album is solid, and he gave his all for us on this project; you can feel the pain in his words and what he has been through.

Abel didn't shy away from letting us and the women know of the pain and lost feelings he's been having on "I Heard You're Married (ft. Lil Wayne)" and "Best Friends." This may have been his chance to heal from all that's been locked away.

The whole “Redemption” arc that was sprinkled throughout the album with talks of angels and approaching the Dawn, you could tell Abel was indeed trying to heal from something and make amends. I personally believe that this is a better project than After Hours by far, for just the overall tone and flavor on this project.

I do think Dawn FM could’ve been cut down some from 16 songs to about 10 to 12 and still hold that same impact throughout the album. Hell, it would've made it even harder for him to say all he needed to say in that time, so he would leave us to think. Then slap the fans with a deluxe of new sounds and features for people to slam to, ya know? (Don’t be dirty)

Overall, being a Weeknd fan, I’m just happy to have an album from him and bring in the new year with this heater of a project regardless. He could’ve left us with nothing.

Project Rating: 8.5/10

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Life Of Ary
Life Of Ary
Jan 17, 2022

Love the article! keep it up!


smar abuagla
smar abuagla
Jan 17, 2022

very well written and I agree with what you said ab the album being cut down by four songs and still having the same impact. Can’t wait to read more and congratulations :)


Nice article! Now I need to go listen to the album 😁- Kayla

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