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Dr Strainlove: What is Blue Dream?

Disclaimer: *All research and consumption for scientific purposes only*😎

This popular Santa Cruz grown indica-sativa hybrid has become a staple strain among both recreational and medical marijuana users. DJ Shorts blueberry indica and its dominant 1997 cannabis cup award winner super haze sativa, is a winning combination which will leave you with a sweet blueberry taste and cerebral euphoric effects, coming from its 18-25% THC content.


(Image via Leafly)

Blue Dream is a favorite among cultivators of the flower due to its large yield and low maintenance nature. It can flourish indoors or outdoors and rival the height of Lebron James. This also means it is perfect for amateur growers of the seedling, who are getting their fingers green for the first time. A good quality yield will show vibrant orange trichomes upon its bright green color, with medium to large buds.


Known for its distinctly delightful blueberry aroma and flavor, this strain may remind you of candy-like flavors reminiscent of your childhood. With an aftertaste of sandalwood coming from the haze though, allows for a more mature, earthier quality to seep through. The soft taste allows you to indulge in the high, without a harsh undertone to its flavor.


Perfect as a daytime or night time strain, smoking it can leave you feeling both creative and productive as well as induce as full bodied relaxation. Its instant yet mellow onset means it continues to remain a favorite among medical marijuana users and is perfect for a first time user. It provides full body pain relief, and has also been used for depression and anxiety, as it removes stress. The long lasting effects leave you feeling relaxed for a longer period, without feeling sedated, and the cerebral euphoria from the sativa side of the strain can induce that creative spark in you.

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