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Dr. Strainlove: What is Lemon Haze?

Disclaimer: *All research and consumption for scientific purposes only*👨‍🔬

You might almost be able to convince your parents this is the scent of a citrus fresh Febreeze that’s wafting up their nostrils. (I said almost so let’s not try to get too brave, people!) If you’ve ever tried lemon haze or even been in its presence, you’ll know what I mean. This Sativa dominant hybrid is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. It’s a cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk with approximately 17% THC and 0.38% CBD content. It’s the perfect social smoke, great for summer barbecues because it will keep you chatty and cheery.


(Image via Leafly)

If you’re not the most patient person, lemon haze is a great strain for you to grow as flowering typically takes between 7-10 weeks and it is relatively easy to nurture yourself. Whilst this strain yields the most in warmer, sunnier climates and is incredibly resistant to common pests and mold, it is also versatile for indoor growth. You’ll be thinking of sunny high days in the park once you have this weed in your hand, as the medium to large buds are yellow and green in color. Amber hairs trickle through the trichomes which add to its unique sunlit tint and fluffy appearance.


The name might have already given it away, but this strain will distinctly smell of fresh lemons and provide a matching citrus flavor and aroma. Hey, you’re practically getting your five a day with this lemon-fresh plant, right? There is a sweet aftertaste, with the citrus-sweet aroma’s combining to give a soft, smooth taste from the many tokes you will undoubtedly take. Although you may want to pace yourself as the parent strains are relatively potent (this is a marriage of Vegas meets Holland after all) and as it may take a little while for the effects to hit, it’s a good idea to take a break before you’ve burned the whole blunt.


We’re all aware too much caffeine does no good to your body, so perhaps you can replace that morning cup of Joe with a few puffs of lemon haze! The strain is known for its energizing, euphoric, and uplifting effects. It is popular as a social smoke as this is what it’s ultimately best for; you won’t just get stoned and fall asleep after 3 pizza’s in one sitting with this ganja. It will enable you to feel rejuvenated in a sense, as it is a very uplifting, happy high that will hit you; it’s great to puff away with some friends during the day.

However if you prefer having your solo sessions or prefer indulging at night, don’t let this deter you from some lemon haze. It can also help you feel mellow and relaxed. Its medicinal properties include treating depression, stress, and chronic pains and aches. It can be pretty effective for people with depression, as its uplifting effects can be long-lasting when using the right doses. This is the ultimate blissful smoke, and I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the sun is harnessed in its yellow tint.

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