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Dr. Strainlove: What is O.G Kush?

Disclaimer: *All consumption done strictly for scientific purposes 😎👨🏾‍🔬*

Kush in my language (Gujarati, and in Hindi) means happy, which is pretty befitting for most cannabis strains, but especially O.G Kush. It’s indisputably a king amongst strains and its mysterious origins make it all the more appealing. Whilst this is a pretty balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid, this strain will give you a full-on head high. It has the potency to match with a consistent THC composition of 20-25%. This is not one for the lightweights or the amateurs. To smoke an O.G, you’ll need to be an O.G, or seriously prepared for the enjoyment that’s about to come.


(Image via Weedmaps)

If you’re short like me, you’ll appreciate the minuscule height of the plant as O.G Kush is typically short and bushy.; the plants grow between 2-2.5ft. You can expect to yield roughly 45 grams per square feet and you’ll just need to wait 9 weeks for it to grow. If you plant the seeds now, you’ll be ready with home-grown cannabis just in time for New Years! The large, dense buds alone fit the season, as they sometimes show traces of purple and have vibrant orange pistils. The plentiful silvery-white trichomes add a bit of sparkle, so you really won’t miss the dazzle of going for a night out when you can stay in with a bit of Kush. This against the yellowish-green makes for a sexy looking strain that will be inhaled before you can say play Afroman’s Because I Got High.


You can’t be discreet about this strain, because it has a pungent smell that lingers. If you get paranoid, O.G Kush may not be the one for you. All the incense won’t be able to help you with this one. However, the musty-earth smell accentuated by its citrusy notes may make up for it. It gives off a pine-like odor as you burn, and has a spicy kick to it as you smoke. For the gentler lungs out there, beware, as O.G Kush can be a harsh strain to handle. It can induce coughing and sting your sinuses so it’s definitely not for the fainthearted – especially if you don’t want to look like a Covid carrier😷.


The coughing won’t all be for nothing though as O.G Kush will give you a really great cerebral high. Just make sure you’re stocked up on the Evian as it will produce some serious cottonmouth (and also even Evian will taste amazingly refreshing after a puff). It is the epitome of stoner as this strain will have you so sleepy, that it can cure your insomnia. People have praised it for its effects on insomnia as it will knock you out more than Tyson ever could and leave you as calm as a cucumber. It's super effective for depression and anxiety and some people find it paradoxically energizing. Although I’ll personally choose it as a nighttime strain and with this strength, I’ll be hoping to sleep for the rest of this year and awake in 2021😴.

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