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Dr. Strainlove: What is Sundae Driver?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Disclaimer: *All research and consumption for scientific purposes only*👨‍🔬

This dessert strain hybrid (50% Sativa, 50% Indica) mixes together two popular fruity strains Fruity Pebble OG and Grape Pie that perfectly complement each other. Weighing in at about 14-16% THC this strain provides the best of both worlds leaving you energetic, but relaxed. Perfect for that lazy Sunday walk in the park or sunset on the balcony vibes 😎

Growth/ Appearance

(Image via Leafly)

The flowering process for Sundae Driver is relatively short with an indoor yield flowering at about 7-9 weeks (9oz. per square meter) and around mid-October outdoors (10oz. per plant). The strain is still relatively new so the growing process is not exactly perfected, but judging from its parent strains the plant usually grows upwards of six feet. Cooler temperatures will let the purple accents flourish more, as this bud usually is flooded with trichomes like a Lil Baby Rollie Datejust bezel, giving it a very frosty appearance. Overall moderate temperatures will produce large and beautiful buds.

Flavor/ Smell

Imagine your favorite mix of morning cereals, equal parts fruity and chocolaty in one big bowl and that best describes the flavor of Sundae Driver. As a dessert strain it is usually noted for its chocolate undertones, but it is not overwhelming and still retains a traditional herbal flavor. The name of the strain is pretty spot on as there is a creamy aftertaste similar to an ice cream sundae that the bud leaves you with.


This strain is truly one of a kind. Being an almost perfect hybrid the high associated with Sundae Driver will leave you wanting to both vibe outside or inside becoming the next Picasso. The effects are very positive as this strain is more mind focused than body (although achieves both), leaving the user very relaxed yet very creative. I swore my iPhone11 pics deserved National Geographic recognition in my recent Roll 'N Stroll thru Central Park with the aforementioned bud (see pics below, I'll let you decide🤷‍♂️) .

Additionally, there are incredible healing effects associated as this is favorite among people seeking pain relief, anxiety relief, and general stress management. As the journey winds down, people with insomnia have reported very gentle sedative effects associated with the strain that have you sleeping like a baby after a long day. Overall I would recommend this bud for any fan of creative and healing strains as Sundae Driver achieves both very well.

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