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Dr. Strainlove: What is Super Sour Diesel🌳?

Disclaimer: *All research and consumption for scientific purposes only*👨‍🔬

If you're looking for a potent daytime Sativa that's both energizing and relaxing, Super Sour Diesel is the strain of your dreams. This lemony strain is is a cross between Sour Diesel (a.k.a. Dour), which is the most popular strain in New York City. and Super Silver Haze, which has won three 1st place trophies in the High Times Cannabis Cup. The blend creates a potent strain that holds a THC level of 19.5% and less than 1% of CBD. This strain, called Super Sour for short, is perfect for any social situation, but be careful because this high can creep up on you.


(Image via Leafly)

Super Sour has light green to dark green buds with crystal coating on each, so, definitely expect res all over your hands when rolling this high-quality strain. Encouraged to be grown indoors, it has a flowering time of 9-11 weeks, which is pretty fast for a Sativa. If you didn't know Inidicas usually grow faster than Sativas, which is why they are more popular and easier to come across.


The flavor blends the fuel taste known from Diesel strains but brings along a fruity after taste to bounce everything out. Personally, I recommend trying this strain in a J to really absorb the full flavor and potency. The aroma has a sweet earthy scent that will definitely catch the attention of passersby.


Although Super Sour is categorized as a Sativa, it holds some of the benefits of Indicas as well. It's mainly known as an energizer and creative igniter but also helps with depression, anxiety, paranoia, and nausea. This strain can both replace that morning cup of coffee and destress the average individual, but beginners be careful and take light tokes. It's also known to stimulate appetite and great for those with eating disorders and has been proven to help treat ADD and ADHD. After a few puffs, you'll feel a great body high that immediately makes you feel like Tom in the gif below 👇.

Overall, Super Sour is perfect for sunny COVID days with nothing to do and nowhere to go. A great strain for riding your bike around the park, talking on the phone with old friends, or if you just need a cure for your boredom. It's hard to find, but definitely worth the hunt.

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