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Flatbush Zombies "now, more than ever" EP | Day1

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Flatbush Zombies recent release now, more than ever EP is the notorious Brooklyn triad's first project release since their second studio album, Vacation in Hell in 2018. This release comes at an all time-low in New York City as pandemics, racist cops, and general sense of impending doom looms over the Big Apple. As a result, the Zombies comprising of lead vocalist Meechy Darko, hook master Zombie JUICE, and the glue that holds them together Eric "The Architect" Elliott provide a breath of fresh air. Additionally all proceeds from merch sales associated with the release will be going to help out the charity organizations: Everybody Eats, Equality for Flatbush, and the Black Mental And Emotional Health Collective.

The six track, 20-minute EP is a genuine update of what Flatbush has been up to in the wake of seeing major success. Their last album reached all the way to #9 on the Billboard top 200 charts and they are coming off two years of country wide touring following the release of their most recent project, Beast Coast's Escape From New York. The NYC-curated super collective made up of fellow New York groups PRO ERA and The Underachievers have been collaborating since the early 2010's and have now created a new wave and sound of conscious and enlightened young New York rappers.

The sound on now, more than ever is reminiscent to past mixtape Better Off Dead as each Zombie effortlessly floats on melancholy beats while still showing the maturity and growth that the group has been able to hone in the past few years. Eric Arc Elliot is already known for his impressive production skills, but on the intro track "herb" he arguably delivers the hardest verse of the EP and flexes the immense evolution of his flow. On songs like "blessings" Juice plays with his already expansive vocal range and seems to have perfected his singing voice. On "quicksand" Meech pours his heart out and explores melodic vocals that sound ominous yet soothing behind his Backwood-inspired voice that is so identifiable. The beat creates a drowning effect that fits the title of the song perfectly as Meech drowns in the tragedies of the world going on while also coping with the loss of his father to police violence on January 12th this year.

(Photo from Brooklyn Vegan)

As Flatbush has grown their brand, their following has reached cult-status as fans are constantly waiting on the trio to drop new shit. This charity benefit EP comes at a perfect time as the Flatbush Zombies vocalized how were all feeling right now: the world is fucked up but that's nothing new. It's how we react and the results that we speak into action that will define this year, and keeping this creative and positive energy will produce just that- creative and positive results.

SIDENOTE: I have no idea who Sophie Faith is (the lone feature), but I NEED MORE!!

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Tye Town
Tye Town
23 juin 2020


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