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iCarly Reboot: What We Know...

Check your Pear laptops, you nubs. As of February 8th, the first two seasons of iCarly have made it to Netflix, with the sitcom dominating the platform's top ten list for the past week. Among other hits like The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, and Zoey 101, iCarly was a favorite among the more mature Nickelodeon audiences in the 2000s (you know, the older kids who would watch the show and then rip a cig and head to their construction jobs) and won five Kids' Choice Awards while airing between 2007 and 2012.

The most avid group among recent Netflix viewers are those who watched the series when it first aired, many of whom are now in their 20s and will be meal prepping spaghetti tacos in the coming weeks. The nostalgia has these older gen Z-ers feeling warmer than the under flap of Gibby's manboob (pure speculation on its temperature), with Twitter becoming a hotspot for sharing the excitement.

Image via Twitter

After rewatching the show with newfound adult vision, some have also made new observations about the characters, like the fact that Spencer is a serial mom-banger or that Freddie's dress style should be considered a felony.

The Netflix iCarly renaissance has no doubt arrived to prep audiences for the show's adult-centered reboot, which will begin streaming in late 2021/early 2022 on Paramount Plus. Yep, another streaming service - soon we'll all be watching old Jersey Shore episodes on Microsoft Word TV.

The reboot will follow Carly as an adult, with show creators having so far signed on Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay), and Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) to reprise their roles. Noticeably absent from the cast is Jennette McCurdy, who played fried-chicken-gobbling Sam Puckett in the original. McCurdy has opened up about her struggles with stardom at a young age and has since distanced herself from acting. If only Lindsay Lohan or Shia LeBeouf could've taught her how to handle the pressure. Noah Munck (Gibby) has yet to claim a role in the show's revival as well.

While filming began in January, little is known about the storylines, style, or tone of

the reboot aside from speculation. That's why we at AFTR PRTY have decided to fill in the blanks for you...with more speculation. Check out our predicted character developments below.

Carly Shay

Image via IMDb

After moving to Italy to live with her father (per the series finale), Carly attended Europe's Garfunkel University. She now works as a social media manager for the indie band, Shrimp Catastrophe, but feels overwhelmed by the current social media climate. Longing to return to the simplicity of her iCarly web show, she reaches out to her old friends in hopes to revive the program.

Spencer Shay

Image via Imagur

After an international art deal with the Romanians went south, Spencer had no choice but to shoot and stab his way out of Eastern Europe. He has since gone into hiding under a new alias, Jonathan Wick, and occasionally video calls Carly from a secure server in Lithuania to see what hijinks she's up to. Rumors also suggest that only Spencer is featured in the reboot's first season finale, in which a group of Russian gangsters kill his dog after his wife dies and he hunts them down for vengeance. Queue laugh track.

Freddie Benson

Image via Buzzfeed

Years of rampant sexual frustration yet technical savvy with a camera have turned Freddie into the premiere porn director on the Southwest side of Seattle. Industry professionals know him as the first erotica cinematographer to shoot an OTPHJ from...OUTER SPACE?!

He also loves baking. And has an orangutan sidekick.

Keep in mind, these are only educated guesses based on commonly accepted fan rumors. Think the show might head in a different direction?

Comment your hottest iCarly reboot theory!

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