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Glass bags, Sex toy slides, and more of 2022's most unique drops

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Fashion is about experimenting and with that comes some obscure and controversial pieces. Throughout 2022, we've seen a handful of drops that have us wondering "How did they come up with that?" and others that have us saying "Why did they come up with that?"

From Glass handbags to high-end grocery bags, here are some of 2022's most unique and obscure drops.

A slip-on slide is a summer necessity, and clothing brand Rose in Good Faith decided to drop their own version of a classic slide as their first-ever shoe. The brand has boasted the shoe for its arch support and for cork insoles that mold to your foot for a perfect fit. The real shock of this shoe is what it is made of.

The brand made the shoe out of 100% recycled material...those materials being dildos (thankfully unused ones). They sourced all their "materials" from the Adult toy company, Doc Johnson who provided them with factory-defected products. The shoe promises a unique look, comfort, and sustainability so there's not much more you can ask. While your friends brag about how their sneakers are made of pristine leather, you can brag about something else.

Price: $130

Image via Farfetch

Balenciaga has always been known for pushing the envelope regarding new products. From their "luxury" Garbage bag they released in 2017 to the Pantaleggings they released early this year. This time it looks like the team decided to reinvent the plastic shopping bag.

Image via Daily Mail

The bag is made of 100% leather in Italy and bares a resemblance to the old shopping bag style of the British supermarket, Tesco. Both bags even have the recycling label and barcode placed in the lower right corner. While you might only have to pay a 5 cent tax for the shopping bag, this shopping bag will run you a little more.

Price: $1,350 retail, $560- $1000 resale

Image via Coperni

Over the last year, Coperni has become a go-to bag for stars like Doja Cat and Dua Lipa. Their unique shapes allow them to be a stand-out accessory, sure to make people ask where you got it. The brand has decided to go even more outside the box, by making it glass.

They've collaborated with Heaven homeware, a company known for making glass furniture, to make what could be one of the most eye-catching (all be it, unpractical) pieces of the year.

Price: $2,700

Camper's Kobarah Heels

Image via Hypebeast

Camper has been a consistent presence in footwear for a while now and has always had an eye for detail in shoemaking. Their Kobarah Heel is a 1 piece sandal heel that wraps around your foot like a cobra (hence the name).

The shoe also garnered attention for running in both women's and men's sizes. The heel is 100% made of recycled material and has quite an eye-catching look.

Price: $155

Dolce and Gabbana Next generation Mask sunglasses

Sunglasses trends change every summer. One year it's round frames, one year it's square. Dolce and Gabbana however seem to want to go in a totally different direction. These sunglasses wrap around your whole head and give you the opportunity to have the Dolce and Gabbana logo in gold, shining off your forehead.

The product looks more like a prop off the set of Top Gun then something designed for casual wear, but if you want to have a pair of shades no one else has, this might be the one for you.

Price: $2,200

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