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AFTR PRTY Radio | Teezo Touchdown, Joe West, Joey Valence & Brae, ConSwank, Piff Marti & MORE!

What's up PRTY people? Semaj here with another AFTR PRTY Radio playlist featuring some of the brightest and newest talents coming out of the East Coast right now. This week we highlight Vermont's own ConSwank, cuts from superstar genre-bender Teezo Touchdown's newest album, 90's hip hop vibes with Joey Valence & Brae, punchy bars from Bronx native Piff Marti, Harlem star in the making Joe West, and MORE!

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ConSwank - "Think About It"

ConSwank at Baby's All Right 2023
pics by John Krug, Staff Photographer

Vermont-bred ConSwank returns to the scene with a mellow boombap-type track full of introspective bars on, "Think About It". Primarily known for his work in the group 99 Neighbors, ConSwank has also forged his path on the solo side with this track and his first solo album from earlier this year, Low Point Retreat. As a self-proclaimed 'Jazz rapper', Swank combines chill instrumentals with soul-searching bars creating the perfect addition to your 'Songs to Smoke to' playlist.

Teezo Touchdown - "Familiarity"

Teezo Touchdown at Album Release Party, 2023
pics by John Krug

Teezo Touchdown can't be put into one genre and he likes it that way. Creating a sound, earmarked with a familiar two letters, he describes it as R&B (Rock and Boom), a combination of rock and boom-bap, rhythm and beats. Familiarity serves as the perfect introduction to that. Released in the middle of a slew of singles before his debut album was announced, this song was the one that made the final cut onto the album. With lyrics manifesting his eventual rise in the music industry and an infectious melody, Teezo is clear that he doesn’t play and is here to stay.

Joey Valence & Brae - "Dance Now"

Joey Valence & Brae, 2023
image via @joeyvalence

If you're looking for a track that has you moving from start to finish with some old-school 90's vibes and banger pop culture references all throughout, look no further than Joey Valance & Brae's (@jvbsucks) new heater, "Dance Now". Reminiscent of the Beastie Boys with some 2023 flair, this track has everything you could possibly want in a dancey rap track. JVB brings a unique approach to their music, focusing heavily on magical production, quotable bars, and a don't give a f**k attitude. You can tell the two friends from Pennsylvania are having fun, and making music that makes you want to dance now.

Piff Marti & Wavy SZN - "I Ain't Trippin"

Piff Marti for Hat Club, 2023
pic by @hypedidit

Floating on a bouncy instrumental while flexing on your ex, Piff Marti definitely got it with "I Ain't Trippin'". Making moves on punchy production from frequent collaborator, Wavy SZN, while delivering even punchier lyrics, New York-born and bred rapper, Piff Marti hits the mark all throughout this track with an infectious hook and relatable lyrics. Starting off as a freestyler posting almost daily on YouTube, Piff's consistency finally paid off and he saw viral success after the release of his 2021 single, "Boys Do Cry". Since then, Piff hasn't looked back, dropping a 7-song LP, It Be Like That Sometimes, back in February of this year. Straying from the popular drill and jersey club sound that has dominated much of the East Coast, Piff Marti represents a unique sound out of the Bronx that you absolutely need to tap into.

Joe West - "Luffa"

Joe West at Sony Hall, 2023
pics by John Krug

Energy and swagger. Those are the two words I use to describe "Luffa" by Joe West. In the best way possible, Joe West's raps are loud, impolite, and direct, pulsing with the same arrogant energy that created a hip-hop and punk rock infusion running the music industry rampant right now. He relies on velocity, bounding forward with tightly coiled and intentional cadences. Joe West brings a high-energy, party-time vibe reminiscent of a similarly named rapper from Harlem (Sheck Wes), as sheer motion seems to be the primary objective. Joe West is up next, take note.

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