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Speaking with Sofia Carson: How to Love Being “LOUD” |1824° Q+A Series

Sofia Carson transcends beyond her Disney days with her new empowering single titled, “LOUD.” This uplifting anthem encourages young women to amplify their voices, inspiring them to embrace their inner boldness and beauty. Since starring in Disney Channel's Descendents, Carson has expanded her acting career into the music and activism realms.

Music is my heart,” Carson says. In fact, she wrote her first song at just eleven years old. From a young age, Carson has been involved in the arts. Whether she was dancing or singing, her world always consisted of creativity:

"I don’t even remember a point in my life when I wasn’t completely in love with music."

Carson shares this life-long passion with us in her song, “LOUD”. She guides young women to use their voices to initiate change in the fight against gender inequality. As a young Latina woman in the entertainment industry, she is aware of the gender disparities and racial prejudices she must overcome. While “LOUD” brings awareness to these issues, it also offers a sense of hope to young women from every background.

In her song, Carson sings, “Don’t try to calm me down / I was made to be loud.” The world needs to hear her loudness, strength, and confidence. In doing so, she inspires others to wield their own voice as a tool for progress. Ultimately, “LOUD” speaks out, motivating women to speak up.

Being an avid actress, musician, and activist, Carson celebrates the intersections of her womanhood and Colombian heritage in her creative pursuits. Her involvement in UNICEF and the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation demonstrates her commitment to diversifying the music industry and spotlighting underrepresented artists. She grew up listening to both Elvis Presley and Gloria Estefan and dancing to both ballet and salsa. Such experiences have enabled her to honor her Latina roots:

"All of these things shaped who I am as an artist and who I am as a person. I carry the sounds and music and passion inside of me and in everything that I do."

The message of “LOUD” captures this essence. Carson always infuses a piece of herself into all of her work. She dedicates her life to living “authentically, purely, and instinctively.” By doing so, her enthusiasm shines through in her music, movies, and philanthropy.

Towards the end of our conversation, Carson shared an impactful anecdote with us. Her interest in activism started on her trips to Colombia with her mother and grandmother. They made it their “mission” to show Carson that women around the world are in need. When Carson was 12-years old, she traveled to Barranquilla, Columbia, and visited a shelter for battered women.

There, she met an 11-year old girl named Maria who had just given birth to her step-father’s child. To meet a young girl who endured such a traumatic experience changed Carson's life forever. As an activist, Carson carries this experience with her as she dedicates her career to cultivating a safe space for women to thrive in. Her dedication to empowerment and equality remains at the forefront of her contributions to the global community.

Sofia teaches us how to love being “LOUD.” Loudness is more than just the volume of your words. Being loud is being brilliant, being brave, and being bold:

"That’s why I made it my mission to dedicate my voice to uplifting and helping girls like Maria."

Listen to Sofia Carson's new single, "LOUD" out now!

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