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Stylin’ or Wylin': January 2022

We’re still only one month into the year, but so far, the stars have come out to shine with a barrage of creative outfits. Some have come out in 2022 building off last year's trends, and others look like they're trying to start new ones.

The keyword is trying.

As someone with a laptop and an opinion, I feel like it's my duty to inform you which outfits got it and which ones don’t.

Julia Fox

(Image via Page six)

Julia Fox only met Kanye West on New Year's Eve, but the couple seems to have been everywhere together since.

On their second date, the Uncut Gems actress was spotted wearing a mock neck top from the brand Aforementioned, some low rise thong pants from the brand Miaou (yes, that's what they’re called), a leather trench coat, leather gloves, leather boots, and a Balenciaga hourglass handbag.

All black is always good, but the details and accessories really make this one pop, from the straps showing over the pants to the shine coming off the leather boots and jacket. Whether she styled it or Yeezy did, it’s definitely Stylin’.


(Image via The US Sun)

Although a polarizing figure, one thing we all must admit about the artist formerly known as Kanye West is that he’s been one of the more influential people in fashion over the last 2 decades.

Ye has changed the clothing and sneaker games with his YEEZY line, but he's also responsible for making people think it was okay to wear shutter shades, so you never know what you’re going to get with the man.

In this outfit, he's wearing a Faded black GAP hoodie, black leather pants, black combat gloves, a black mask, and a pair of 17 inch Red Wing safety boots. This one is interesting, to say the least.

Although I'm a fan of the hoodie and surprisingly a fan of the leather pants, that mask and those big-ass rain boots are something I just can't get behind. Maybe this is a classic case of Ye being ahead of the game, and maybe one day I'll see the vision, but as of right now, this outfit is Wylin’.


(Image via @amine on Instagram)

Just like his music, Aminé's fashion is underrated. In this outfit, he’s got on a full Palace Gore-Tex Infinium P-Tech Camo Jacket with the matching Joggers. He coupled this with a black ski mask and white Salomon XT-6 sneakers.

Wearing the full matching sweatsuit can be hit or miss. Sometimes it’s fire, and sometimes it can come off tacky, but it's definitely working here.

(Video via @amine on Instagram)

The ski mask is an accessory that's becoming a common accessory these days. It works great for these rough winter months, and it matches really well with the camo suit.

Everything about this fit just works well together, and although simple, this outfit is definitely Stylin’.

Lil Meech

(Image via @lilmeechbmf on Instagram)

If you haven't watched BMF on Starz, you definitely should. Lil Meech portrays his father on the show, and he also is featured in the second season of Euphoria.

The rapper-turned-actor posted a picture on Instagram wearing Nike SB Invert Celtic Dunks, Chrome Hearts jeans, a Chrome Hearts fanny pack, an Itami t-shirt over a Chrome Hearts long sleeve, and a bucket hat by the brand Pale.

It seems like he’s a fan of Chrome Hearts… and the color pink. The outfit definitely is composed of some fire pieces, and as a fellow fan of the pink, I wish I could afford them, but the outfit just seems too busy. So because of that, I will have to say this one is Wylin’.

FKA Twigs

(Image Via @fkatwigs)

FKA Twigs recently dropped a music video for her song Ride the Dragon off of her latest project, Caprisongs. In the music video, we see her wearing a Leopard print overcoat, velour tracksuit, a brown headscarf, and keeping it casual with the Nike Air Max 97’s on the feet.

The outfit screams Y2K, but the coat and jewelry also add a luxurious feel to it. She effortlessly pulls off this outfit, and because of this, I'm going with Stylin’.

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