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The 5 Best Jewish foods, ranked by Jared the Jew

Growing up in a Jewish family in Connecticut, it was easy to take the culture and food for granted. Passovers, Hanukkahs, and every holiday in between were celebrated with dozens of family friends and relatives. Jewish delis were all over the place and three bar mitzvahs in a single weekend was light work. When I got to the University of Virginia, me and my Jewish roommate made up roughly 8% of the Jewish population at school. I quickly realized that the thing I missed most in this land of southern gentiles was the food. With the nearest Jewish deli sitting over 100 miles from campus, it has been impossible to satisfy my cravings for a steaming bowl of matzo ball soup.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that although some people, like comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, think “we have no cuisine,” I think my peoples’ food is pretty dank if you choose the right dishes. After eating traditional Jewish food my whole life, it holds a special place in my heart and stomach. So, I present to you my personal ranking of the top 5 Jewish foods.