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The Benefits of Moringa Tea

By Keenal Majithia @keenal24

I’m British so obviously my nation and I run on tea. We traditionally stick to black tea, preferably of the PG tips or Tetley variety. If we’re feeling particularly adventurous, we may venture over to something from the Twinings selection. It may however be time to begin our day with a superior cup of moringa tea.

Many of us may not even know what moringa is or don't see it amongst our local supermarket as an option to try. The moringa oleifera tree, native to North India and widely cultivated across North and East Africa, is incredibly rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds, in everything from the leaves to the pods.

Moringa has felicitously been given the superfood label by health fanatics more rapidly now that the rest of the world has realized the potency of this natural substance. Its numerous health benefits have only recently begun to be scientifically tested so by the time you buy this magical tea, the number of benefits below may also have increased.

Immune-boosting Nutrients

Our rapidly changing diets which have seen more processed and junk foods than ever before will wholeheartedly welcome anything which provides more nutrients to our bodies. Moringa seems to give us the whole alphabet from vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C (more than even oranges), not to mention the heavy dose of iron, magnesium, and calcium you’re getting from it which is guaranteed to improve your immune system.

Your Sex Life

There’s no need for that little blue pill when moringa has been found to bring down our cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and naturally boost testosterone levels, which is a known sex drive booster. Never has a cup of tea and a quiet night in sounded sexier.

Anti-Cancer Properties

The moringa leaf extract from where the tea is made from has been shown to keep cancer cells from spreading thanks to the presence of a phenolic substance called eugenol. No wonder it is known as ‘the tree of life’ in some parts of the world!

Fights Inflammation

Moringa reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body. This can help you fight a whole host of diseases in which inflammation is linked to including IBS, heart disease, stroke, and autoimmune disorders.

Fat Loss

That’s right, moringa tea may help you fit into that dress, as the antioxidants in it have been shown to have a weight loss effect by helping to mobilize stored visceral fat. It additionally helps keep your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in check which in turn helps you wrestle diabetes, and heart disease.

Liver Protection

Not that this is an excuse to go heavy on the rum on a Saturday night, but a cup of moringa tea the morning after does appear to protect against liver damage caused both by alcohol and certain medications.

Whilst the myriad of benefits are immense, the taste of the tea itself has an earthy flavor much like green tea. It is less bitter, and you can sweeten this tea even more by adding honey mint or cinnamon. These additions are frequently paired with the moringa tea to balance out the earthy notes. Next time you indulge in a cuppa, rest assured knowing you are making your body smile from the inside out and you may just be tempted to share the tea with everyone you know so that their bodies feel the same positive and vast benefits.

Note: Please discuss with a doctor before adding moringa to your diet if on medication, are pregnant or trying to conceive.

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