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The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Seeing as World Nude Day was yesterday and whilst you may not be able to go to Walmart naked (and rightfully so!), there’s nothing stopping you from going to your local nude beach, or if you’re less confident, your bed!

There are numerous reasons for foregoing the pajamas and just laying it all bare at night by sleeping naked. It is shown to be a preference by many people (and their partners) and you’d never need to search for those just washed matching set of PJ’s. Here are some science backed reasons if you need further convincing to strip off before a good night’s sleep.

Better Sleep Quality

Sleeping naked can allow you to better regulate your body temperature, which affects how quickly and deeply you fall asleep. This better quality sleep can subsequently increase regulation of your circadian rhythms and melatonin production. This hormone regulates your sleep which can subsequently affect your mood, energy, appetite and focus. Sleep quality influences so many things when you’re awake; it just makes sense to do everything you can to enhance it.

Smoother Skin

Who doesn’t want silkier, smoother skin simply by snoozing away and doing literally nothing? Sleeping naked can help your skin stay moisturized, hydrated, and supple, because if your pajamas are keeping you too warm, your body may lose out on some much needed moisture.

Better For Your Vagina

Sometimes your vagina does need some air and not being covered by fabric so close to your body can help provide that breeze. Gynecologists believe that sleeping naked or at least with breathable cotton underwear could help reduce the risk of yeast infection, because it allows some moisture to escape from your nether regions.

Better For Your Sperm 🏊‍♂️

One 2018 study found that men who went nude or wore boxers to bed had a slightly higher sperm count than men who slept in briefs or tighter underwear. This is because the cooler temperature allows for better testicular function and thus better sperm production.

Stress Relief

Not that you should need a reason to sleep naked and cuddle up with your romantic partner, but this does lead to decreased stress! Cuddling increases oxytocin production, which is the hormone that directly reduces stress and anxiety. Oxytocin also promotes a warmer, more positive relationship because of the skin to skin contact, so you and your partner should be happier all round!

Increased Self-esteem

Just being naked more can potentially increase your self-esteem, your feelings on your body image and life satisfaction. This study found that any type of naturist activities generally lead to a greater feeling of life satisfaction. It provides the perfect reason to start sleeping naked in the privacy of your own home, and become more confident in your own skin, until you venture out to that nude beach you’re tempted to tread on, whilst on holiday.

*Warning*: Any naked cuddling may lead to babies which will inversely increase those stress levels. AFTR PRTY is not responsible for increase in family sizes or subsequent stress.

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