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The Surprising Benefits of Pumpkin

As the Halloween season commences, pumpkin picking becomes a popular activity, for the all-important jack-o-lantern carving. It’s the perfect opportunity to unleash our inner Picasso on the pumpkin and produce some ghoulish expressions. Instead of just using for art, we can use the pulp and vegetable itself in a myriad of ways. Before you come at me with tried, tested and beloved pumpkin pie and soups, the humble pumpkin is so much more versatile and beneficial to you than just that.

Pumpkin can be used to make everything from curry to fritters to even lasagnas! You can create pretty much anything using it and this way, reap its plentiful benefits again and again with these delicious recipes.

So, what exactly are the benefits aside from being super scary with a candle and the must-have flavor in every winter Starbucks order? Read below to find out!

Pumpkins Be Packing…that Vitamin A!

Just one cup of this fruit (pumpkins are like tomatoes; they just wants to fit in with the veggies even though they have seeds) has