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Top 5 21 Savage Leaks

Since the release of 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’s latest and long-awaited sequel album, Savage Mode 2, fans have been playing the tape on repeat. Savage Mode released in 2016 which gave Savage plenty of time to make music and plenty of time for it to leak to the internet...

However, Savage Mode 2 was an all-original album with none of his most popular leaks making it on the tape. Besides short snippets he has previewed on Instagram himself, there is still a plethora of unreleased 21 heat that fans have been eagerly waiting for. Here’s a list of the top five 21 Savage leaks we wish were on Savage Mode 2.

"Issa" (ft Young Thug & Drake)

Produced by Narcos, BricksDaMane, TM88 & Wheezy, "Issa" is one of Savage's oldest and most highly anticipated leaks to date. Issa first surfaced in varying qualities and snippets in 2016. During this time in an interview with Complex, 21 confirmed he wouldn’t be releasing it and his manager Kei Henderson, 21 Savage’s manager agreed on Twitter. The full CDQ version was eventually uploaded to producer BricksDaMane soundcloud uploaded on October 10, 2017, but was immediately taken down. The track plays on for 5 minutes over a bass-boosted, 808-layered beat that features 21, Thug, and Drake creating an instant classic.

"Yea Yea"

"Yea Yea" also commonly known as "Red Dot" is a bouncing, dance track produced by rap's producer wunderkind Pi’erre Bourne. "Yea Yea" leaked on August 3, 2019. With lyrics like "Ran up a bag then I went and bought a Rari, If I hurt your feelings, my bad, I'm sorry" over a synth-heavy, lo-fi Pierre beat this song is a certified house party hit and frequently used sound on Gen Z's favorite social media platform, Tik Tok.

"Love Me"

"Love Me" leaked online on September 23, 2020, and the producer credits are still unknown. On this track, 21 Savage gets introspective and questions his role in the street life and in love. During the chorus 21 asks his significant other "If I ain't had fame, would you still love me? Ain't have a dollar to my name would you still love me?"

"Concrete Jungle"

"Concrete Jungle" is produced by Canadian rap producer and icon Murda Beatz (so it's not nice) and surfaced on the internet on May 4th, 2020. With bars like "Middle school they kicked me out cuz I was totin' that fye, I gotta choppa with a drum, tell me who wanna die," Concrete Jungle is a hard-hitting track with a bass that demands to be played at full volume.

"Want It"

Produced by Southside, "Want It" leaked May 9th alongside two other unreleased tracks “Dirty” and “Rider”. Want it is a slow, gritty track that gives fans insight into 21’s life outside the studio. Savage even starts the song by saying “Bad bitches with me, I'm on tour Perkys in my system, codeine leakin' out my pores” an intro that immediately has you hooked.

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