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Updated: Apr 18, 2021


Facebook: flavafephoto

Fernandra Fowler, known to the masses as Flavafe, is a Black photographer/videographer from Louisville. She initially started photographing landscapes and after being convinced to do portraits by a friend, she began making a name for herself by shooting and meeting people of all backgrounds in New York's SOHO. Today, Flavafe has shot for numerous celebs and has been published in AfroPunk, The Source, Okayplayer, Paper Magazine, and more. She's definitely paving the way for the next generation of young Black women who are passionate about visual art and willing to go the extra mile to see their dreams come to fruition.

Last week we got the opportunity to sit down with Flavafe and discuss some of her upcoming projects, her passions, taste in fashion, and revisit some of the work she's done in the past:

What or who got you into photography/videography?

I've always had a passion for shooting since I was a kid, always snapping candids and shooting random videos. It's always been fun.

Which do you lean more towards, photo or video and why? It used to be photography but I'm more fascinated with video now because the video is multiple frames put into one and more challenging. I love challenges. You have a ton of iconic pictures from offset to wiz to chance, what celebrity photo would you say stands out the most among the rest? I wish I could choose one but I can't. I love every single photo I've ever taken.

Chance The Rapper

Name some people that you haven’t shot yet that you really want to. Flo Milli, Aleali May, Saweetie, Mulatto, Meg thee Stallion, Rick Ross, Rich The Kid, Drake, 6lack

Your event visuals and places that you’ve shot at are crazy too, I mean from JOEFRESH x Snapple to Complex Con to Afropunk, you’ve really solidified your name in the industry. Which event did you like shooting the most? All were AMAZING experiences, I'm going to say every event Joefreshgoods had me shoot at was great. I had fun and he opened more doors by allowing me to do so.

JOEFRESH x Snapple

You’re always collabing with up-and-coming artists and supplying them with dope visuals for their music, what’s your favorite music video you’ve shot thus far? My favorite music video that I have shot is "Naw" by OG Shyne, which was edited by Uniqueeexvision. We were having a dope time in Santa Monica, CA. Shout out to my guys!

As you know, with TRENDSETTERS we always wanna get the jiggiest drippiest people down with us and you are definitely one of those individuals, how would you describe your fashion taste? The 90s definitely plays a part in my everyday fit. My fashion taste has urban with a bit of 90s vintage in it. I always add to my style, that's what makes me me. I know you're currently working on a clothing brand yourself, could you tell us a bit more about that? Yeah! My upcoming clothing line is called "I Didn't Finish" because I start things and have trouble finishing. I would love to elaborate but you all are going to have to stay tuned! The pieces are insane.

🏹Rapid Fire🎯

Nike or Adidas? Nike

Nick, Disney, or Cartoon Network? ALL

Favorite Food? I'm a Taurus, all food is my favorite if it's cooked properly.

What’s your favorite music video of all time? "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" by Missy Elliot. The visuals are appealing.

Favorite place to shop? ASOS Thrift or Designer? Both

Last question...What advice would you give to kids looking to shoot and build a platform as strong as yours?

Do your research and don't be afraid to ask for help. Do It because you love It, not just for the money because you start to lose value and that shows in your work sometimes. DON'T DIM YOUR LIGHT FOR NOBODY, Be you unapologetically.

Rico Nasty

Make sure to check out Flavafe's work on her personal pages and stay tuned for our upcoming interview!

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