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What To Expect From Tyler The Creator's New Album "Call Me If You're Lost"

Why Do We Need To Call Tyler?

It’s been over two years since Tyler, The Creator dropped one of the most unorthodox albums of the 2010s, IGOR. Within this album, Tyler finally grew more comfortable singing while also implementing more pop-like production into the mix so that he could show another side of his emotions. After a wild tour and a whole pandemic, many wondered if Tyler was going to drop another album as he usually does every two years since his debut mixtape Bastard.

Tyler has been leaving a bread trail of teasers for his next big album Call Me If You Get Lost, and it’s sounding like his most upbeat and intense album yet. Tyler started the album rollout with multiple billboards asking fans to call up a number with a recording of his mother going off on a rant while Tyler shows off his production skills. He later dropped another number to call upon Twitter which gave us a sneak peek at what else we should expect on the album.

After dropping a variation of teasers depicting the Golf Wang rapper making out with a young woman and driving off in a pink Fiat, Tyler decided to drop a single from the album titled “LUMBERJACK”. With a Gangster Grillz tag and some perplex bars, Okoma is not playing around with his next release.

It seems this could somehow pay homage to his mother based on the phone calls, but also a Segway into his own way of life and how he was raised based on the title. The videos he dropped as well depict how he views romance based on his parents' relationship as they didn’t exactly stay together. In the music video for “LUMBERJACK”, it seems to have shown Tyler in a similar state that he was when the pandemic started as he decided to dip up north.

It’s hard to tell what direction Tyler could be heading towards as he always seems to surprise us even with the release of IGOR as no one knew what his last LP was going to cover before its release. All we can do now is wait and see what the creative has in store. Tyler’s upcoming LP Call Me If You Get Lost will release this Friday, 6/25, on all streaming platforms.

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