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Where The Party At?: Tel Aviv

Warning: Drink responsibly friends 🍹

While the thought of going into a crowded club seems like a distant memory, let’s remember a time when going out with friends was the norm. If you’re going on a Birthright trip, or just visiting Israel as a tourist, make sure to check out AFTR PRTY’s 5 best places to party in Tel Aviv. (so long as public health guidelines say it’s safe to do so).

Zoo Zoo

At Zoo Zoo, you are sure to find people dancing and jumping up and down to the most exhilarating Israeli songs. Conveniently located on Rothschild Street, Zoo Zoo is a place with an energy like no other. During a night out, Zoo Zoo is the main event, and one is bound to make amazing memories there. Put on some good shoes and get ready because you may end up dancing on a table with some new friends!

Dress Code: Party casual


Drama is one of Tel Aviv’s most unique gems. Drama is spread across three floors with an indoor bar on the ground floor, an outdoor patio bar on the second floor, and, finally, a dance floor on the top floor! You can spend one night at Drama and feel as though you had three different nights because each floor has its own respective ambiance.


Possibly one of the most iconic nightclubs in Tel Aviv, Shalvata is praised for its prime location, modern decor, and American tunes. Shalvata is a popular spot for tourists, especially those coming to Israel on a Birthright trip. Shalvata is an outdoor nightclub, and it is located right on the beautiful Mediterranean waters. If staying in Tel Aviv, partying at Shalvata is a must- you will have the best night of your life!

Dress Code: Dress to impress- no flip flops!

Radio EPGB

Although Radio EPGB looks like a pizzeria on the outside, once you walk through the back and down the stairs, you will find yourself immersed in an eccentric club with indo/ electronic vibes. Although the drinking age in Israel is 18, please note that you have to be 21 to enter.

The Block

One of the best techno houses in the world. The Block is a club that appears to be an old industrial building; however, the inside is filled with inexplicable disco vibes. Inspired by NYC clubs in the ‘70s and ‘80s, at The Block, you’ll be dancing all night long. Make sure to buy entry tickets in advance, otherwise, you will be waiting all night long!

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