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Women & Non-Binary People in the Music Industry - BITCH MGMT

BITCH mgmt (is a young PR company that started about six months ago from the idea of offering services to artists with a smaller budget, in a way that was more affordable and approachable.

Since accessibility is still a huge issue in the industry, especially for women, people of color and queer people, BITCH mgmt focuses on those artists that are typically less celebrated and offers them the possibility to grow and develop through publicity, visuals and management.

As of today, BITCH mgmt has six clients and is gaining more and more respect and approval in the music industry, thanks to notable achievements such as their recent placement on New Music Friday Canada for one of their artists.

Mae and Caro: the faces and minds behind BITCH mgmt

Caro grew up going to concerts all the time and music has always been an important part of her life. With a visual arts background, she curated 3 art galleries for young artists in New York City with artists from all over the world.

She got into the industry by doing PR for Mae’s music career, which led to their decision to work together and build BITCH mgmt, where she now mainly takes care of visuals.

Mae grew up in New York City and got into music by accident, through photography. At 15, they got a cheap camera and started getting into shows. Very soon, all they were doing was going to three or four shows per week and working on their photography during high school.

Straight out of high school, Mae toured for the first time across the country to promote their new EP. During this DIY touring experience, they realized that it was very possible - through discipline and research - to do PR and management in an affordable way and decided to offer their knowledge to other artists.

It was at that point that Caro and Mae felt that it was the right time to come together and really start to focus on the project they had been thinking about.

Putting together a little team was not hard. “I’m lucky that I have very talented people around me that are friends as well”, Mae says.

At BITCH mgmt, Mae now offers their help from the perspective of an artist who knows what it means to do it all by yourself, while Caro, as a creative, offers the kind of help that many artists look for when it comes to graphics and visuals.

The whole concept behind this company, is the desire to help people that Mae and Caro believe in and that they like. “Work will always feel like work, even if you enjoy it, it’s still a job. I wanna wake up knowing that I’m doing what I wanna do and that I’m helping artists that I believe in and at the same time knowing that I still have my life too.” Mae says.

To young girls and queer people starting out in the music industry:

If your dream is to work in the music industry, you should definitely keep reading. Mae, Caro and I have something we want to share with you:

- #youdoyou - Young girls who are passionate about music get automatically classified as “fangirls”, but why can’t you be a fangirl and work in music? If your goal is to build a career in a field that you’re passionate about, you shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion stop you. We can be professional and still love and “be obsessed” with what we do.

- #workhard - For some people college education can be important, but it doesn’t have to be necessary for everybody. Unfortunately, college education is not accessible to everyone yet, but as Mae said during our chat, “Music allows anybody from any background, if they really work hard, to figure out a way to make it work”. And I couldn't agree more with this statement.

- #getinspired “The best piece of advice we can give to someone who’s just starting in the music industry and maybe want to start their own business would be to just do it. If you need motivation look for people who have done something similar, because there will always be someone else who’s doing it. Maybe not the same thing you wanna do, maybe they just used the same drive and motivation in a different industry. Find out what pushed them and take that as inspiration and motivation for your own purpose” – Mae & Caro

BITCH mgmt links: Instagram, Website, Twitter, Facebook


The Women & Non-Binary People in the Music Industry series is out every other Friday, with new inspiring stories and advice for aspiring music industry professionals.

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