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10 Brands To Shop This Fall

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Happy Spooky Season! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list (unranked) of some of our favorite streetwear brands to check out this season that are hauntingly good!

Based in Brooklyn, NY, this up-and-coming streetwear brand created by NY native and FIT alumni Colm Dillane has bridged the gap between fashion and art. Highly known for his constant use of vibrant, neon colors and extravagant use of graphic illustrations, Dillane’s unconventional approach to fashion has been making waves in recent years and opened the door to many collaborations, most recently with major fashion house, Louis Vuitton, for their A/W 2023 collection and fashion show at Paris Fashion Week back in January.

Tapping into the classic silhouette graphic that has been donned by the likes of celebrities everywhere (mostly just Travis Kelce), this KidSuper piece is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

With its initial debut in 2014, this Queens-based brand created by Greek-American designer, Teddy Santis, has been gaining popularity due to Santis’ ability to find a middle ground between luxury and streetwear through its simple yet bold designs. Growing up in both Greece and Queens, NY, ALD combines both experiences into the clothing with elements of inspiration drawing from Santis’ hobbies from childhood such as sports and music. Aime Leon Dore has been seen collaborating with a multitude of brands, announcing their newest collaboration with New Balance recently, reimagining the brand’s classic shoes.

(Left: Leon Corduroy Hay, $60, Right: High Neck Cardigan, $450)

Brown has always been a fall favorite, and this fuzzy wool cardigan is the perfect staple piece for your wardrobe as it can be paired with any of your go-to fits for the cold weather season. Match that with the red ALD alt logo corduroy hat and solid color tee and you are good to go.

Pleasures is an LA-based streetwear label founded by Alex James back in 2015. Drawing inspiration from the alternative 1990s culture, mixing with the various styles of punk, grunge, and rock-n-roll, this brand hopes to evoke feelings of nostalgia through its clothing, leaving a pleasurable impression. The brand has worked with several other brands such as Puma, and most recently British menswear label, Fred Perry, defining rebellious punk style with collared, polo shirts, covered in Pleasures signature grunge graphics.

This black hoodie is perfect with a bit of an edge and spookiness for the fall season, emphasizing the grungy aesthetic synonymous with Pleasures. If you're looking for an even warmer piece, look no further than the reversible fleece/corduroy vest featuring more classic fall tones that would pair perfectly with a fresh pair of Timbs as boot season approaches.

This Brooklyn-owned brand is quite the underground label. Godspeed NYC features elements of nostalgia through its classic and contemporary streetwear design. Not much is out there about the brand itself but the featured long-sleeve tee from their recent fall collection will make you stand out this October season.

(Left: Thrasher Jersey, $160, Right: I.G.W.T Varsity Jacket, $495)

These two Godspeed pieces are to die for with the elements of eeriness and Godspeed’s usual contemporary design to create the perfect pieces to add to your hauntingly good wardrobe this fall.

Tyler, the Creator has been no stranger to the music and fashion scene. Golf Wang comprises youthful and eccentric graphics that reflect the creative mind of the musician. Originally established in 2011 in Los Angeles, Golf Wang has since been one of the “it” streetwear labels, representing the culture of youth in hip-hop and contemporary music and responsible for setting the bar for other streetwear labels following after. Golf Wang continues to reside in LA, but a flagship store is now open to the public in NYC. The brand has notably collaborated with many major brands, best known mostly with his continuing collaboration with Converse.

(Left: Killer Bees Hockey Jersey, $125, Right: Graduate Sweater, $120)

Two L/S options from the latest Fall/Winter '23, this collection perfectly represents a reflection of the inner workings of Tyler’s eccentric and mysterious mind right now. The pink/brown color combo works so well with this hockey jersey that could go over any hoodie on an especially cold Fall night. If you are looking for something a bit more neutral, the graduate sweater featuring the old-school college look is sure to stand out on any campus this Fall.

Brain Dead is an LA streetwear brand that was first founded by designer Kyle Ng in 2014. Now, co-founded by Ed Davis, this brand became one of the many iconic streetwear labels in the game. Ng describes the brand as a creative collective of artists and designers alike, Brain Dead draws inspiration from LA’s punk and underground sound through a myriad of graphics that make a vivid statement.

(Left: Spray Can Sweater, $180, Right: Fuzzy Threadbare Sweater, $220)

A nod to the Los Angeles street and skate scene, these two pieces featured in both the Fall + Winter '23 collections are a great addition to your everyday outfit as they combine casual elements with bold graphics or material that is worth the investment.

Described as "a visual campaign to serve and reflect individual perceptions through their intricate screen printing designs,"Hellcat was conceived in 2020 and since then, has been seen on celebrities like musicians Olivia Rodrigo and Halsey. Hellcat is currently based in NYC.

(Left: Rogue x Halloween Hellcat Tee, $160, Right: Angelina Tee, $50)

This handmade Halloween tee by Hellcat Studios comes in various, playful colors that will make you stand out this fall. Also, the on-theme Halloween (2022) graphic? This is the quintessential baby tee for the season for sure. Not into the baby tee trend? he Angelina tee famously worn by Olivia Rodrigo back in September has a more boxier, traditional fit while portraying the brands edgy aesthetic.

8. Ksubi

This Australian brand has built a significant presence in the streetwear industry. Seen on celebrities like A$AP Rocky and Kylie Jenner, the brand is best known for its unconventionally designed denim and its range of progressively unique tops and bottoms that create a cohesive classic yet stand-out outfit. Founded in 1999 by Gareth Moody and George Gorrow in Sydney, Australia, it is regarded as one of Australia’s most respectable brands with stores in NYC and Los Angeles.

Ksubi’s Youtopia Collection for Fall '23 features their reimagined denim along with intricate and youthful graphics. These black denim double knee pants are the perfect everyday pants, because who could ever go wrong with a nice pair black jeans? The full collection is now available on Ksubi now.

9. Sukami

Hailing from West Hartford, CT, John Hollens created Sukami in 2013. Sukami’s designs resemble the cartoon style of video game characters from childhood, giving nostalgia and a high-spirited feeling that has gained a massive following over the past decade. With the exuberant and liveliness of the color scheme, this brand is here to elevate your streetwear game.

(Left: 13th Hoodie, $130, Right: Classic Starboy Tee, $80)

Sukami’s recent drop on 10/27 features illustrations of various Sukami characters, heavily inspired by childhood video game characters, as well as some relevant graphics like the Friday the 13th and Spiderman-inspired tees. For this Halloween season, playing dress up with Sukami’s latest drop will evoke your inner child.

Jack Carlson founded Rowing Blazers back in 2017, with the purpose of reimagining the already existing preppy style. Featuring collections of sports jerseys, blazers, and sweats, Rowing Blazers introduce their approach to the classic style, playing with colorful and subversive designs. Rowing Blazers continues to navigate the thin line between preppy and streetwear with numerous collaborations & licensing that reaffirm the brand's ethos.

Rowing Blazers recently had a massive restock on some of their popular sweater designs. You can shop the archive for your new favorite sweater here and check out some of the amazing collaborations they have had in the past, including the JAMS World collection that dropped at the end of Summer '23. Rowing Blazers will elevate your fits to a whole new level with featured abstract shapes and designs on their various sweaters.

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