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Best Outfits from Our Favorite Shows: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fashion trends from the 90s have continued to emerge over the past few years, and it’s safe to say they’re not disappearing any time soon. One of our favorite TV sitcoms, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, came through with six seasons of major fashion inspiration. Fans are clearly still loving the 90s nostalgia, since Will Smith recently created his clothing brand Bel-Air Athletics that pays homage to the classic sporty garments featured on the show. Now let’s revisit the most stylish moments worn by Will, Carlton, Ashley, Hilary, and Aunt Viv.

Will Smith

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

There can’t be a discussion about 90s fashion without mentioning Will Smith. His style on the show influenced several popular trends during this decade including overalls, double denim, and tracksuits. Smith’s eponymous character was all about fun prints and loud colors, and his best look had just that. An outfit not for the faint of heart, his pink, purple, and green leather bomber jacket perfectly matched his hat and the patches on his jeans. I could imagine modern-day Will to prefer brands like Off-White and Golf Wang.

Carlton Banks

Photo courtesy of NBCU

There’s no doubt Carlton Banks, played by Alfonso Ribeiro, was an expert at pulling off preppy fashion. His staple looks almost always incorporated a crisp polo with a chunky sweater. However, the sporty and rich vibes this outfit radiates make it one of his best. His matching gray sweatsuit with white Nike sneakers captured Carlton’s more casual side, yet he maintained true to his style by draping the sweatshirt over his back. Carlton would definitely shop brands like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers for preppy looks and Nike for athleisure.

Ashley Banks

Photo courtesy of NBC Universal

Ashley Banks, played by Tatyana Ali, has continued to serve us outfit inspo decades after the show wrapped in 1996. Throughout the sitcom, viewers saw her fashion evolve from favoring childish pieces to more edgy ensembles. This look captured the essence of 90s cool-girl fashion that’s still being emulated even today. Although it’s a rather simple outfit, her baggy jeans, bra top, and cropped cardigan were one of the best looks she wore. If Fresh Prince was still on air, I could see Ali’s character gravitating towards stores like Zara and Aritzia.

Hilary Banks

Photo courtesy of Getty

Hilary Banks, played by Karyn Parsons, had so many bougies looks throughout the show -- it was a challenge to just pick one. Her character was never afraid to make a statement with her clothing, favoring mini dresses, skirt suits, and hats. Nonetheless, one of her most memorable outfits absolutely has to be from the fourth episode of season 3. Her blazer and shoe color coordination was simply inspiring. Today, she would likely shop from brands like Balmain, Chanel, and Vivienne Westwood.

Vivian Banks

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Will’s Aunt Viv was the queen of business chic style. Her polished, work-woman outfits always exuded power and confidence whenever she was in frame. She tended to stick to her favorite styles that included simple, classic silhouettes and elegant pieces like blazers and gold jewelry. Her most stylish look came from season 1, episode 12 where she rocked a beige pants suit paired with a gold belt and earrings. Nowadays, I could picture Aunt Viv shopping at minimalistic high-end brands like The Row, Max Mara, and Totême.

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